HESA National User Group


Following an investigation into what might be done to improve institutions' interactions with HESA and the data collections it is responsible for, we are instigating a new national cross-collection user group. HEI User Group - Terms of Reference

This is just one of the recommendations in the report "Making your data work for you - Data Quality and Efficiency in Higher Education" which is available at http://www.hefce.ac.uk/pubs/circlets/2008/cl28_08/

Many other actions resulting from this report are already underway and progress is reported to a sector wide steering group chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of Warwick University, Professor Nigel Thrift.

The members of the user group have been put forward by the main sector professional groups, including:

 Lesley Donnithorne
 Universities Human Resources
 Sue Holmes  Association of University Directors of Estates
 Shaila Shastry  British Universities Finance Directors Group
 Russell Roberts  Student Record Officers' Conference
 Dave Hall  Association of Heads of University Administration (England)
 William Callaway  Association of Heads of University Administration (Wales)
 Ruth Drysdale  Joint Information Systems Committee
 Peter Tinson  Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association
 Jenny Patchitt  Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services
 Kevin Pickess  Academic Registrars Council
 Alison Hartrey
 Higher Education Strategic Planners Association
 Simon Jennings
 National Planners Group (Scotland)
 Ian Carter  Association of Research Managers and Administrators
 Maria Luisa Ross
 HE Market Researchers Forum Group

  And senior members of HESA staff.

Minutes of HESA HEI User Group Meetings

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