C12061 KIS record


Version 1.3 Produced 2012-04-27

This is the fourth release of the technical documentation to support collection of data for production of the Key Information Set (KIS). It contains updates to guidance, including grammatical and content corrections. The Coverage of the record document has been updated, removing the requirement to return courses with a Course.COURSEAIM of M78 and M88 (MArch courses).

This release includes details of the business rules and a corresponding update to the validation kit, which is available to download. This is now the full version of the kit.

Full details of the changes since the release of coding manual version 1.2 can be viewed in the Revision history against documentation version 1.3.

Further background information on KIS is available from the HEFCE website.

Need help?

If you have any queries relating to this documentation higher education institutions should email Institutional Liaison in the first instance, further education colleges should email KIS@HEFCE.ac.uk in the first instance.