C11051 Student record circular 12/03


HEFCE and HESA have reviewed last year's Student record data collection and are agreed that HEFCE's involvement in quality assurance procedures during the 2011/12 cycle would continue to add significant value. In particular, it is believed that HEFCE's involvement means that issues with the data that directly affect funding can be addressed during the normal collection cycle. Therefore HEFCE will again be conducting specific funding and student number control related checks for institutions in England during the C11051 Student record data collection.

HEFCE will concentrate on the following areas where there is a direct impact on funding and/or student number controls:

  • HESE re-creation with particular focus on the phase-out funding rates
  • Entry qualifications with particular focus on ABB+ students
  • Widening participation and Teaching Enhancement and Student Success funding
  • Research degree programme supervision funding.

HEFCE raising issues relating to funding in this way means that they can judge whether the data are fit for purpose and whether explanations for apparently anomalous data are acceptable; this minimises the need to revert to institutions after the collection has closed.

However HEFCE's checking is intended to complement rather than duplicate HESA's checking. Therefore where data do not directly impact funding or student number controls HESA will continue to operate their tried and tested quality assurance procedures that have for many years ensured that a high quality database has been delivered.

A joint communication giving notice of HEFCE's involvement in the C11051 Student record quality assurance procedures can be found at: http://www.hesa.ac.uk/circulars/student/12/03.

If you have any queries please contact liaison@hesa.ac.uk.