Launch of new benchmarking resource


HESA is pleased to announce the launch of a new resource to support benchmarking in the UK HE sector. The benchmarking 'infoKit' has been hosted by JISC within its 'Infonet' online resource system.

The resource has been developed as a key output from the HEFCE-funded HESA project 'Realising business benefits through the use of benchmarking'. Integrated with the JISC Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence resources, and building on the HESA report Benchmarking to improve efficiency [1], this resource is intended to be one of the key tools available to managers to support institutional strategic planning with appropriate business tools and evidence bases.

This resource does not aim to be a standalone or 'one stop' guide to every aspect of benchmarking, but instead a practical overview of the topic. It will evolve and change over time, as the sector discusses how best to develop and embed benchmarking processes. Having consulted widely with the sector and engaged with some of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the area, HESA have produced a resource which provides a practical overview of the topic, designed to help develop understanding and use of benchmarking within institutions as part of their strategic planning and decision making processes. It provides a convincing overview of the benefits to benchmarking before taking a practical, step-by-step approach to making progress in this area, supported by several case studies from within the sector.

The new Benchmarking resource is now available as part the JISC BI infoKit [2] from the JISC site.