13/01 - January


Dear Colleagues

2013/14 HESA Student record changes

In October 2012 HESA published a consultation on changes to the Student record for 2013/14. This circular sets out the results of the consultation process and summarises the changes that are being carried forward for 2013/14.

The consultation process

50 responses were received from the Higher Education sector and software providers. The Agency is grateful to everybody who responsed to the consultation.

The consultation responses were analysed and further discussions have taken place with Statutory Customers. This circular therefore announces the results of that process.

Results and next steps

Annex A sets out the changes that are being implemented to the Student record for 2013/14. It includes changes resulting from the consultation conducted in October 2012 and, for completeness, other changes for 2013/14 that were not part of the consultation.

Annex B lists those consultation issues that are not being carried forward for 2013/14.

HESA will publish a full technical specification of the fields affected by the 2013/14 changes in the first quarter of 2013. The complete 2013/14 coding manual will be published in the Autumn of 2013.

If you have any queries regarding this circular please contact the Institutional Liaison team on 01242 211144 or email liaison@hesa.ac.uk .

  1. Annex A - Changes to the Student record for 2013/14
  2. Annex B - Other outcomes from the from the 2013/14 Student record consultation