13/02 - March


Summary of changes since 2012/13 

Version 1.0 Produced 2013-03-07  

The documents below summarise the main changes to the Student record for 2013/14 as outlined in the Student record circular 13/01.

Full Technical Specifications  

Annex A sets out the changes to the 2013/14 Student record for all students; excluding those changes specific to FE students in England. 

Annex B sets out the additional changes for FE students at HE institutions in England. 

  1. Annex A: Changes for 2013/14 - excluding changes for FE students in England only.  
  2. Annex B: Additional changes for 2013/14 for FE students in England

If you have any queries regarding this circular please contact the Institutional Liaison team on 01242 211144 or email liaison@hesa.ac.uk