HESA Identity System


HESA is introducing a single-sign-on system for all HESA web applications making it easier for users to manage their access to HESA systems.

The HESA Identity System (IDS) will eventually govern access to all the various HESA websites with a single user account and one log on providing the necessary access to all relevant systems. The IDS will also give institutions control over further accesses through the ability to grant and revoke access as required.

HESA will be rolling-out the IDS system through a phased release commencing on 02 December 2013. As of 02 December access to the Minerva system will be managed through the IDS, but access to other systems will remain unchanged for the time being.

Current Record contacts will receive two email invitations from ids-no-reply@hesa.ac.uk on 02 December and will need to accept the invitations by clicking on the link contained in the email. You will then be directed to the IDS where you will be required to register as a new user. Guidance on registering for the system can be found in the user guide.

If you require access to the Minerva system, and have not already received an email invitation, you will need to register for the IDS system before requesting the appropriate role. The request will then be sent to the relevant contact within the institution for approval. Details on how to go about this can be found in the user guide.

If you have any queries on the content of this news item please contact the Institutional Liaison team (liaison@hesa.ac.uk).