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We collect and publish detailed information about the UK higher education sector.


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News and blogs

  • Expenditure in higher education 2015/16

    Press Officer

    Finances of Higher Education Providers 2015/16 publication released.

    HESA's publication summarising the finances of HE providers reveals the breakdown of the sector's £33.0 billion expenditure in 2015/16. Academic departments accounted for £12.3 billion of spending - 37% of total expenditure. Medicine, dentistry and health departments accounted for nearly a quarter of this, with £2.9 billion spend on these departments.

  • Data Futures in the Data Present: a planner’s perspective

    Guest Blogger

    Guest blogger Dr Garrick Fincham offers a planner's perspective on the challenges facing providers in the Data Futures programme.

  • Towards implementation: An update on our review of graduate outcomes data

    Rachel Hewitt

    Rachel Hewitt

    Data Policy & Governance Manager

    The final round of consultation as part of our NewDLHE review of graduate outcomes data has now closed, and we have been given a broad mandate to proceed to implement our model.

  • 3,890 new graduate start-ups in 2015/16

    Press Officer

    Results of the HE Business and Community Interaction (HEBCI) Survey for 2015/16, published online free of charge, show that 3,890 graduates start-ups were formed in 2015/16, and that active HE provider spin-offs and start-ups employed over 44,000 people. HE providers earned £1.7 billion from intellectual property, consultancy contracts, CPD courses, regeneration and development programmes, and facilities and equipment related services.