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Data Futures procurement


The Higher Education Statistics Agency Limited ("HESA") is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England at 95 Promenade, Cheltenham, Glos GL50 1HZ. Registered No 2766993. Registered Charity No 1039709. Please see About us for an overview of HESA and its operations.

HESA's Data Futures programme will fundamentally redesign and transform HESA's data collection and dissemination processes. HESA's vision is for a modernised and more efficient approach to collecting data that is able to respond to a wide range of data users. We want to create more relevant, reliable, and timely information about higher education for the benefit of the sector, and to deliver this in more efficient ways which reduce the burden on providers. HESA has produced an outline business case and has received funding approval in principle for a project to redesign and transform the collection of student related data. As a result of this, HESA is intending to appoint a supplier to take responsibility for the programme management, and to design and deliver the "to be" business process, technology and application architecture integrated as necessary into HESA's business systems.

As further information becomes available for publication HESA will make it available on this page and will record the publication date for suppliers' ease of reference. The additional information will enable suppliers to respond to the opportunity. If you are interested in receiving additional information please email [email protected] to register your interest and we will notify you of updates when they become available.

OJEU Contract Notice

A contract notice has now been published in the Official Journal of the European Union. This marks the commencement of the formal procurement process. Those who are interested in being considered for this opportunity should complete and return a pre-qualification questionnaire ("PQQ") by 12:00 hours on Monday 9 May 2016. A copy of the contract notice may be found here

Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)

As stated above, those who are interested in being considered for this opportunity must complete and submit a PQQ response by 12:00 hours on Monday 9 May 2016, in accordance with the instructions set out within the document. Bidders are asked to note that there are minimum standards which must be met, in order to be considered for this contract. These are set out within further detail in the PQQ. Should bidders pass all 'pass/fail' elements of the evaluation process, they will be ranked in accordance with the scores achieved in respect of question 6A. HESA intends to invite only the top six scoring bidders to the next stage of the process.

Project Overview Document

This Project overview document has been produced to provide bidders with further background concerning the Data Futures Programme, and the services that HESA is looking to acquire. Bidders should read this document in order to gauge further information about the scale and background concerning this opportunity.

Key Contract Principles (KCPs)

The KCPs set out the main contractual principles which HESA intends to incorporate into the final form of contract with the successful supplier. Bidders will have a number of opportunities to provide feedback on the KCPs and form of contract throughout the process.

PIN Notice

HESA previously published a PIN Notice in order to initiate a market engagement exercise. Interested parties were asked to complete a short questionnaire which enabled HESA to gather views concerning certain aspects of the procurement. A copy of the submitted notice may be found here: PIN Notice. HESA would, however, ask all interested parties to note that the market engagement process has now concluded, and that it will only answer queries from those parties in accordance with the rules set out within the PQQ.

CPV Codes

Please find below the list of CPV codes included in HESA's contract notice and the relevant descriptions.

48000000 Software package and information systems
48100000 Industry specific software package
48190000 Educational software package
48463000 Statistical software package
48612000 Data-base management system
48613000 Electronic data management
72200000 Software programming and consultancy services
72212463 Statistical software development services
72220000 Systems and technical consultancy services
72221000 Business analysis consultancy services
72222100 Information systems or technology strategic review services
72222200 Information systems or technology planning services
72222300 Information technology services
72223000 Information technology requirements review services
72224100 System implementation planning services
72227000 Software integration consultancy services
72246000 Systems consultancy services
72250000 System and support services
72254000 Software testing
72254100 Systems testing services
72260000 Software-related services
72261000 Software support services
72263000 Software implementation services
72267000 Software maintenance and repair services
72267100 Maintenance of information technology software
72268000 Software supply services
72310000 Data processing services
72314000 Data collection and collation services
72316000 Data analysis services
72317000 Data storage services
72322000 Data management services
72500000 Computer related services
79330000 Statistical services
79400000 Business and management consultancy and related services
79411000 General management consultancy services
79411100 Business development consultancy services
79420000 Management related services
79996000 Business organisation services

Frequently Asked Questions

Use of Partnerships, Consortia and Subcontractors

In principle HESA is willing to accept responses from bidders that are collaborating together, whether by way of a partnership, consortium or prime contractor/sub-contractor approach. However, HESA reserves the right to require bidders to form a specific type of legal entity or put in place other appropriate safeguards according to the form that the collaboration takes. This will be addressed in further detail in the OJEU Notice.

How much software development work will there be?

HESA envisages a significant amount of software development will be involved in this project and further details will be provided at the Suppliers' Event.

PIN Questionnaire

HESA has produced a PIN Questionnaire which is now available: PIN Questionnaire. The questionnaire was produced as part of HESA's pre-market engagement exercise which has now concluded. Therefore, HESA is unable to consider further responses as the formal procurement process has now commenced.

Suppliers' Event

Slides from the supplier event are available on request, please email [email protected] and a copy will be provided to you.

Questions and answers from the Supplier Day held on Friday 26 February are available on request. Please contact [email protected] if you would like a copy.

Please note that at this point in the procurement process, HESA is unable to share details of those who attended the Suppliers' Event.

Supplier 1 2 1s - week commencing 21 March 2016

As a precursor to the HESA Data Futures procurement process, HESA engaged with a number of suppliers which submitted PIN questionnaire responses. This took the form of one to one meetings held during the week commencing 21 March 2016 with a representative sample of five suppliers who had responded to the recent PIN. The aim of this exercise was to help our thinking about the materials which may need to be available at the first stage of the procurement process. If you would like a copy of the small amount of additional information or clarifications that suppliers involved in the one to ones would have obtained from these meetings this is available on request via email to [email protected].

PQQ clarifications received

Complete list of PQQ clarifications that were received prior to the closing deadline of 3 May 2016 along with the relevant answers. (Updated 4 May 2016).