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Pre-release access list: Staff SFR154

Product: SFR 154 Staff at Higher Education Institutions in the United Kingdom 2009/10

National Statistics pre-release access list


Chief Executive

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills


  • Secretary of State, BIS
  • Private Secretary, SoS Private Office
  • Special adviser to the Secretary of State, Private office
  • Minister of State for Universities and Science, BIS
  • Private Secretary, David Willetts's Private Office
  • Special Adviser to the Minister of State, Private office

Press office:

Press Officer

Policy officials:

  • Policy Advisor, Widening Participation and Teaching Quality
  • Deputy Director, Shape and Structure


  • Deputy Director, HE Analysis
  • Team Leader, HE Analysis
  • Higher Statistical Officer, HE Analysis
  • Statistical Officer, HE Analysis

Welsh Assembly Government

  • Statisticians (4)
  • Minister for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills
  • First Minister
  • Deputy First Minister
  • Deputy Minister for Science, Innovation and Skills
  • Minister for Business and Budget
  • Counsel General
  • Permanent Secretary
  • Cabinet Secretariat
  • Press Officers (1)
  • Special Adviser for Education and Skills
  • Policy Officers (8) 

Scottish Government

  • First Minister
  • Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Minister for Skills and Lifelong Learning
  • Director-General Education
  • Director of Lifelong Learning
  • Head of Education Analytical Services
  • Chief Statistician
  • Head of Higher Education & Learner Support
  • Head of Lifelong Learning Analytical Services
  • Head of Strategic Funding and International
  • Head of Participation and Supplementary Support
  • Policy Advisor - Strategic Funding and International
  • Policy Officer - Strategic Funding and International
  • Statistician - Lifelong Learning Statistics
  • Assistant Statistician - Lifelong Learning Statistics (two of them)
  • Policy executive - Participation and Supplementary Support
  • Senior communications officer
  • Communications Officer
  • Principal Research Officer - Education and Lifelong Learning Intelligence Unit
  • Special Advisor

Department for Employment and Learning Northern Ireland

  • DEL Minister 
  • Special Adviser to DEL Minister 
  • Permanent Secretary, DEL
  • Deputy Secretary with responsibility for Higher Education, DEL
  • Director of Higher Education Division, DEL
  • Head of Higher Education Policy branch
  • Principal Information Officer, DEL

UK HE Funding Councils


  • Head of Governance, Leadership and Information
  • Chief Executive
  • Senior Manager, Statistics and Funding
  • Communications Manager
  • Head of Research, Business and Communities


  • Chief Executive
  • Deputy Director Knowledge Management


  • Chief Executive
  • Head of corporate communications
  • Head of data and management information
  • Head of leadership, governance and management
  • HE policy advisor
  • Analyst