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Our Impact and Strategy

Impact Reports

Our Impact Reports demonstrate the work that we’ve done over the last year to fulfil our mission of supporting the UK higher education (HE) sector.

As the first of the Corporate Strategy period our 2017 Report details the progress that we have made against this strategy.

Download our 2017 Impact Report

Download our 2016 Impact Report

Our Strategy

Our Strategy aims to ensure that we provide the right information to the right people at the right time.

We want to make sure our data and analytical services can improve decision making, increase efficiency, and promote public trust.

We will do this by:

  • Making our systems and services more efficient, agile, and responsive.
  • Continuously developing our digital skills and services.
  • Making our data and analytical expertise as widely available as possible.
  • Working in partnership with other organisations in the UK higher education (HE) sector.

Download our Corporate Strategy 2016-21

Strategic aims

We have four strategic aims for the next five years:

Our strategic aims

Our top priorities 2017-18

Deliver our current collections
  • Increase our efficiency in delivering our existing collections.
  • Review HESA data collections within the context of the new co-regulated governance framework.
  • Support the on-boarding of new subscribers to HESA.
Build data insight and capability of the UK HE sector
  • Deliver the Data Futures' Alpha pilot.
  • Develop and procure a single DLHE survey – Graduate Outcomes.
  • Prepare HE providers and data customers for the data capability requirements to successfully deliver the Data Futures programme through guidance, training, and consultancy.
Achieve designated data body status under the 2017 Act
  • Define our role and broaden relationships within the new regulatory landscape for UK higher and further education, including establishing our relationships with the new statutory customers.
  • Deliver the requirements for the DFE consultation​.
  • Ensure changes to governance and new Articles of Association are in place.
Secure HESA's future financial sustainability
  • Review our subscription model in line with requirements of the Designated Data Body.
  • ​Diversify our revenue streams to increase our income from Public Purpose customers and Commercial customers.
  • Increase our high-value data driven insight services and products.
Implement the governance and operational structures to deliver our statutory and commercial functions
  • Compliance with developments in the data legislation landscape, including enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Digital Economy Bill.
  • Demarcate our statutory, commercial, and corporate governance functions and activities more clearly.
  • Implement changes to HESA operational model and processes.
  • Develop the capability of our staff and our ability to de​ploy resource more flexibly.