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Our strategy

HESA Strategy, 2016-21

Our strategy aims to ensure that we provide the right information to the right people at the right time.

We want to make sure our data and analytical services can improve decision making, increase efficiency and promote public trust.

We will do this by:

  • Making our systems and services more efficient, agile and responsive
  • Continuously developing our digital skills and services
  • Making our data and analytical expertise as widely available as possible
  • Working in partnership with other organisations in the UK higher education (HE) sector.

Download our Corporate Strategy 2016-21

Strategic Aims

We have four strategic aims for the next five years:

Our strategic aims

By 2021…

  1. We are collecting data in-year, and delivering it to statutory customers, universities and decision-makers regularly and frequently.
  2. As much of our core data as possible is available as open data.
  3. We have reduced the burden of data collection on institutions.
  4. Our data is supplied to key decision‑makers when they need it, in the form they need it.
  5. We are working in formal partnerships, sharing services, if and where appropriate and developing new products and services with a range of organisations.
  6. We are operating more efficiently, with more resources dedicated to high‑value activities for our customers.
  7. All our operations are run from the Cloud.