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Our Strategy

Strategy refresh 2019-2022

Our core purpose is to collect, assure, analyse, and disseminate data and information on all aspects of UK higher education. 

Our refreshed strategy focuses on achieving this core purpose while delivering major transformation projects within a constantly changing environment.

The data we provide needs to be high quality, comprehensive, and accessible to as wide a group of users as possible. It also needs to be authoritative, reliable, timely, and secure. Our services need to be provided in as open and cost-effective way as possible.

Our strategy provides a framework for how we will deliver these aims:

Download our one page Strategy refresh 2019-2022

Strategic objectives

We have four strategic objectives for 2019-2022 in support of our strategy:

HESA strategic objectives 2019-22


Impact Reports

Our Impact Reports demonstrate the work that we’ve done to fulfil our mission of supporting the UK higher education (HE) sector.

Download our 2018 Impact Report

Download our 2017 Impact Report

Download our 2016 Impact Report