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National user group: Terms of reference

The National user group has agreed the following terms of reference:

  • Facilitate ongoing interaction between HESA, relevant professional groups and providers across the UK higher education sector.
  • Identify and promulgate good practice in the sector with regards to the HESA data collections, in order to enhance data quality and reduce burden.
  • Advise HESA on its strategic direction and the development of information and analytical services, user support and the training it offers providers.
  • Consider how the different HESA data collections impact on each other in order to co-ordinate inputs in providers and the opportunities for cross-data access and business intelligence.
  • Consider requests for data made to providers from all sources and the place of HESA in this context, in order to rationalise data collection and data management for providers.
  • Consider opportunities to increase the exploitation of HESA's strategic information and knowledge base and the potential for HESA to provide analysis and expertise to the HE community.
  • Make recommendations through appropriate channels to HESA Board or HESA's statutory customers with regards to the collection and use of HESA data.