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Data Futures update

We’ve now completed our inaugural Data Futures specification workshops, spanning six weeks in Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Manchester. 

Over 400 delegates attended across the breadth of providers, bringing their own expertise and day-to-day experience. We want to take this opportunity to thank all who attended - we certainly appreciated the rigour and challenge the delegates brought to the events. 

The Data Futures team presented across topics including key concepts, quality rules and data scenarios. The section on data scenarios presented the practical opportunity to interrogate the data model, from the previously common three-year undergraduate degree to the growing need for longer spanning interactions to match the student experience, including breaks or pauses in learning and different modes of achieving accreditation. 

Feedback after the training has been overall positive whilst including the not-unexpected feeling from some providers that with the amount of information covered, they would have preferred to attend over two days. 

Extending the training was certainly a consideration. However, at this point in the programme, we needed to ensure the training was accessible and cost-effective and applicable to as many providers as possible from all sizes of organisation. 

We are planning to add content to our resources section over the coming months to provide refreshers of the course content; current content in resources includes the preparation assessment and scenarios, with the provision of still-to-come updated in-scope documentation and a simplified explanation of HUSIDs.

Over 400 delegates attended our specification workshops, we certainly appreciated the rigour and challenge the delegates brought to the events

We collected questions at each event and we have grouped these into common themes and added these to our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section in resources

We don’t yet have answers for all of the questions posed, but please be assured we are working through these and we will announce when the section is updated.

Our Data Futures readiness survey 2018 is also now available - we have contacted all record and senior contacts to provide links and further information. Last year we received 138 responses and we are hoping to get as many responses as possible this year, to fully understand and provide support where necessary. All of your feedback and input helps us to shape our offering and support as we draw closer to the move from Data Futures to Data present.


Rob Phillpotts

Managing Director HESA Statutory