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Collection Design V2: thank you from the Collection Design team

Data collection

We wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has submitted responses to this stage of the consultation.

The responses received are candid and have been submitted with a real clarity of thought and a detailed assessment of the impact to individual institutions.

Version 2 of the Collection Design Project was always going to create a lot of debate, questions and valid concerns, which is why we published the maximum amount of detail we could in this consultation.

A real clarity of thought and a detailed assessment

The feedback has been tremendous, both in terms of the detail and the substance and the project team will carefully analyse each individual response. An initial sweep has already identified a number of themes which will shape the Collection Design Project and the wider Data Futures programme as it evolves. 

Specifically, the richness of the responses will inform and prioritise the direction of the activities that we undertake to develop and publish version 3. It will also help the Data Futures team better understand the opportunities and risks the sector feels most strongly about and aid the development of messaging and collateral to explain and hopefully alleviate those risks as and when we can.

We will provide detailed feedback on the responses in due course.  But in the meantime, we look forward to meeting many of you in the upcoming review workshops. 

Thank you again for all your efforts, especially during a compressed time with a holiday in between.

Alex Leigh

Alex Leigh