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2022: Data Futures to 'Data Now'

I would firstly like to say Happy New Year from all the staff at HESA. As we open our new diaries, there is one work date that needs to be circled: 1 August 2022.  Why, you may ask, is this such an important date? This is the start of the reporting year for the Data Futures specification (C22056). We will soon publish the C22056 coding manual, and it is this data model that providers will use from 1 August 2022.

The Data Futures programme has had an interesting journey to get to this point and it has caused more than a few sleepless nights at HESA and providers. As a programme team and as an agency, we have learnt a great deal over this time, and we have been grateful for the engagement from colleagues at providers throughout.

We are now moving into the Beta phase and are delighted to have over 100 providers signed up to work with us in the final phase ahead of the 2022/23 transition year. The Beta phase supports system testing and provider readiness ahead of the HESA Data Platform (HDP) opening in early 2023

Providers will use the 21056 data specification released in November 2021 for the Beta phase.

We will soon publish the C22056 coding manual: this is the data model that providers will use from 1 August 2022




Support, training, and engagement opportunities

The teams at HESA are ready and willing to help you with the transition from the Student and Student Alternative Records to the new specification. 

The innovative Training team are adding to their already extensive suite of e-learning courses and webinars on the specification. New webinars will be available to book from 18 January 2022 to familiarise colleagues with the specification and dive into the model in a digestible and accessible manner, providing parallels where useful. Delegates who have worked on the legacy Student and Student Alternative records can build on their existing knowledge, and you will be able to engage with HESA experts during the webinars. We have ensured availability for everyone to book a space: don’t miss out on an invaluable opportunity to ensure your organisation is ready for August!

The countdown clock is ticking, and at the time of publication of this blogpost, 12 January 2022, there are only 143 days until 1 August 2022: let’s make the implementation of one of the biggest changes to the collection of Higher Education (HE) data a success.

Stay informed

Please make sure you are signed up to our new monthly HESA Training newsletter for a digest of training and support across the HESA collection and systems, as well as additional content and insights into HESA. 

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We recently launched the Data Futures monthly update newsletter to  regularly communicate updates, milestones, and useful content as we move towards the start of the reporting year. 

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Contact us

The super-friendly Liaison team are on the end of the phone and email to help you to understand any aspect of the reporting of the new specification.

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Alison Berry

Alison Berry

Director of Statutory Operations