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Welcome aboard

As we approach a new academic year, we’d like to welcome the new providers and contacts that have come on board over the last few months. Likewise, if you’ve just started at an HE provider and have been assigned to a HESA return, are you wondering what a coding manual is and what HESA does? Don't worry, we have you covered.

The Training team, along with Liaison, are here to support you. We all remember what it’s like to be new to the world of HESA!

Here are our top five tips - we hope you find them useful: 

1 Establish your support network

You will likely already have colleagues in your provider who have valuable HESA knowledge - open up the channels of communication with them.

Our teams at HESA are dedicated to building your confidence, knowledge, and success.

  • Training team: experience across every HESA collection and available via [email protected]. We are here to help if you ever have a question related to our available e-learning.
  • Liaison team: experts in the HESA collections, available every weekday via [email protected] or +44 (0) 1242 388 531. Please don't feel embarrassed if you feel your question is basic; we know what it's like to be at the beginning of your HESA journey and building a solid foundation of understanding is important. 

2 Make the most of all the training available to you

As a HESA subscriber, your provider has access to our full e-learning suite at no extra cost to you. There is a course on every collection and most of HESA's systems, meaning you have access to a comprehensive bank of knowledge. It's free and you can access it at your own pace.

Did you know you can access our courses in sections, pausing and resuming to suit your learning style and work pattern?

View HESA's e-learning

3 Sign up to our regular email updates

Our four email newsletters will ensure you are prepared for HESA collections and signpost crucial information:

  • HESA weekly update: This is automatically sent to operational contacts and those who opt in, so sign up to make sure you are on the list. 
  • Data Futures monthly update: Sign up if you work on the Data Futures - Student 22056 record for key information about the project and collection.
  • HESA training update: Sign up for notifications on our latest training and support offerings, as well as insights, hints, and tips from the team.
  • Open data alerts: Sign up to receive email alerts when HESA publishes new data and Official Statistics about UK higher education.

You can also see updates and engage with us on social media so be sure to follow HESA on Twitter and Linkedin

4 Get to know your role

Before you can get started with your data return, make sure you have been allocated the correct role on our HESA Identity System (IDS). This will give you access to all HESA systems (as relevant). If your provider is new to HESA, roles are issued once the subscription agreement (contract) is signed and the Accountable Officer / Head of Provider nominates the right people. 

After your first induction, we will send your Record Contact and Senior Contact the forms to get set up. We have a handy user guide to navigate you through this process. You may be the central contact needing the Data Collection Record Contact role or you may need the Data Collection Submitter role. The guide will give you all the information you need. 

If you are a new contact to a HESA subscribing provider, access your role through your current Record Contact or send us a Record Contact change form if that needs to be you. Contact [email protected] if you have any queries.

5 Take a tour of the HESA website

If you’re a regular reader of our newsletters, we’ve already signposted you to several pages on our website. The HESA website is an encyclopaedia of everything you need to know. When submitting your returns, you may need guidance - we have a coding manual for every record. Coding manuals are available via the Data Collection tab. You can also search for anything you need in the search bar at the top of every page.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy your time working with HESA!

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Training team