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The last legacy return and transition to the 22056 Student collection

As the autumn approaches, you are submitting your final (legacy) Student/Student Alternative returns. As we look ahead to the first 22056 (Data Futures) Student return, we want to share some reminders and tips:

Student collection notice

Remember all students falling into the 22056 Student collection must have sight of HESA’s student collection notice – even if they saw it as part of your data collection for C21051/C21054. This outlines the lawful purposes for collecting students’ data as well as explaining to those students how their data will be collected, processed and used. 

Student coverage

You will have some students who fall into coverage for the C21051/C21054 collection and 22056. It is important that not only are you ensuring you are collecting the correct data from these students referencing each record’s requirements, but that you are also reconfirming each student’s protected characteristics data with them on an annual basis. 

The coding frames will be different between collections so make sure that you update your systems to collect the right information from students

This may mean that for continuing students in this transition year and for students on non-standard years of study we would expect them to be surveyed twice. 

The coding frames will be different between collections so make sure that you update your systems to collect the right information from students. Please refer to the 22056 coding manual for more detail and supporting guidance. 


There is new functionality available to enable providers to search a coding frame, and optionally a field and/or enhancement. This can be used to assist providers in locating valid entries for derived fields. This has been created for the 22056 Student collection.

Student record - 22056

Data migration

We are migrating any legacy Student/Student Alternative data necessary for continuity checks and quality assurance in the new 22056 Student collection.

It is as important as ever to maintain high standards of data quality and completeness:

  • If you have students who have finished their Instance within the 2021/22 reporting year and will therefore not need to be returned in the 22056 record, be sure to close them off.
  • Review any students who have been previously or currently reported as dormant – are they still dormant? Can the record be closed off?
  • For students who will be returned in both records, be mindful of the dates returned for their Instance/Instance Periods. The new collection’s system, the HESA Data Platform (HDP), will expect those students to be returned to continue their studies in next year’s first 22056 return. 

Please contact [email protected] if you need further support or have queries about the 22056 collection or [email protected] for any training or e-learning related queries.

Useful links

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