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Student 2019/20 coding manual version 2.0.0 release

Today we are publishing Student Record 2019/20 coding manual version 2.0.0 which delivers, as close as it is possible to be, a stable specification for both the launch of the beta phase and as the basis for changes to provider systems.

Version 2.0.0 is the outcome of many months of work, reviewing comments from statutory customers, providers and internal colleagues at HESA.  

Biggest business change to HESA since 1993

The fundamental new design of the Student record follows the recommendation from the Higher Education Data and Information Improvement Programme (HEDIIP) for a new collection model. 

The work to merge the Student, alternative provider and Initial Teacher Training (ITT) collections into one collection has been the biggest business change to HESA since its inception in 1993.  

We learnt a lot from our road trip around the country with the Student 2019/20 (Data Futures) specification training, and over 400 delegates across the range of providers attended workshops in Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Manchester. We received a range of questions that are now available in our FAQ section.

Changes made to the previously published versions of the specification have been through an extensive, online consultation, separating out items for individual response. We implemented a new process this time, using the burden assessment approach introduced during the collection governance consultation. Overall, we received 460 responses across 15 items.

The Office for Students (OfS) are currently finalising their data strategy and they will confirm the final requirements for providers later in this year. OfS have confirmed that they will only ask HESA to collect data where it is needed for their regulatory functions; not all data items in the model will be required for all providers.

Although we cannot rule out further change as statutory requirements evolve in response to changes in the HE sector, we can commit to assessing the impact of any further requirements that may emerge through Beta or as statutory requirements evolve, in such a way as to minimise re-working.

The Liaison team as always is available through email at [email protected] and you can phone between the office hours of 9 and 5pm, Monday to Friday +44 (0) 1242 211 144.

Alison Berry

Alison Berry

Head of Operations & Performance