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Data Futures readiness survey September 2022: outcomes and next steps

As part of our continued work on the Data Futures project to help providers successfully submit 2022/23 data using the Student – Data Futures 22056 model, in September 2022 we launched the second Data Futures readiness survey to help us understand how ready you are for the new collection process. 208 providers responded by the deadline: this has subsequently increased, with 230 responses to date.

We arranged the survey around three themes of data, systems readiness and business change: headline results are below. Please note, all listed percentages relate to survey respondents, so do not reflect the entire provider population.

Your responses and feedback all feed into our work to ensure you have the required information and support to demonstrate your readiness for the 2022/23 collection and prepare for the interim submissions in May and August 2023. The programme have identified a number of actions which will be implemented over coming weeks and months to help support this further.

The survey findings show positive indications that providers are making steady progress with their readiness preparations. 

Many providers have dedicated steering groups and governance in place to guide the process along, and are engaging with the project through

Many have found participating in the Beta phase extremely valuable to test new systems and concepts. 

Overall, providers anticipate that their confidence levels will start to increase further now the Student and Student Alternative collections have closed. Many providers are now fully focussed on the Student 2022/23 (22056) collection

Business change

  • 70% of providers are confident in their delivery for 2022/23 at this stage (up from 63% in April).
  • 74% of providers believe they mostly or completely have the right resource in place to make the required changes.

We would not expect complete readiness as this stage. The readiness survey feedback helps us to track status and provide the appropriate level of support and information. 

We appreciate many providers are monitoring the status of their software solutions or reviewing recruitment to ensure they have suitable resource in place to manage the business change.


  • 83% of providers surveyed have completed a gap analysis on the 22056 data model (up from 64% in April), and 78 providers have implemented the changes following the analysis.

Many providers raised concerns around the instability of the final data model (directly dependent on the OfS burden review outcomes) and this affecting their confidence in delivery for the 2022/23 collection. 

Systems readiness

  • Just over 50% have completed their software upgrades, this is up from 39% in the April 2022 readiness survey.

A third of respondents have participated in the Beta phase. Many have engaged with the new HESA Data Platform (HDP), issue management system (IMS), and various quality assurance (QA) processes.

HESA support and tools

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Please note it is a mandatory requirement to complete Data Futures readiness surveys. We have escalated to Statutory Customers those providers who missed the deadline for the readiness survey or raised themselves at risk; please contact [email protected] if you have further queries or concerns. We are targeting our efforts and activity to ensure you are ready for the 2022/23 collection: we can only do this if you let us know where you need help or further support.

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