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  • Thoughts on in-year data collection: what’s next for Data Futures?

    Rob Phillpotts

    Programme Director, Data Futures

    As the end of the detailed design phase approaches, Programme Director Rob Phillpotts discusses in-year data collection and the opportunity for innovation in higher education.

  • Collection Governance: feedback from Scotland

    Alex Leigh

    Alex Leigh


    The Collection Governance project team visited Scotland to meet with the Institutional Group on Statistics and discuss the current consultation on a Code of Practice (CoP) for data collectors.

  • The Data Matters conference: Collaborating to advance UK higher education

    Daniel Kidd

    Dan Kidd

    Head of Training & Consultancy

    The upcoming Data Matters conference reflects the long-held spirit of collaboration in the continual search for improvement which separates the UK HE sector from most others. The conference is a further opportunity for us all to share practice and learn from one another, to establish new networks in the changing landscape, and to achieve our common goal of advancing UK higher education.  

  • Understanding the burden of data collection

    Andy Youell

    Director of Data Policy & Governance

    Andy Youell discusses how the Collection Governance project is deepening our understanding of data collection across the HE sector, to provide options for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

  • What do we mean when we talk about data governance?

    Simon Robshaw

    Data / Information Architect

    Data governance is at the heart of effective data collection and dissemination - the collection govenance project will present and agree a sector wide model of best practice.

  • What does Open Data mean for HESA?

    Hannah Cramer

    Hannah Cramer

    Data Policy & Governance Analyst

    Last year saw us launch an exciting new strategy to publish much of our data as open data. Hannah Cramer, one of our Open Data Champions, provides an update on recent progress.

  • The end of NewDLHE: Introducing Graduate Outcomes

    Rachel Hewitt

    Rachel Hewitt

    Data Policy & Governance Manager

    Today marks the end of our NewDLHE review, and the start of our implementation of the Graduate Outcomes collection. Graduate Outcomes will enable us to collect meaningful, relevant and robust data, while realising efficiencies across the higher education sector.

  • Increasing insights and the future of HESA’s destinations data

    Matt Clarke

    Matt Clarke

    Statistical Analyst

    This summer sees a wealth of valuable data released on the destinations of graduates. This data provides real evidence about the employability and progression of students at a time of increasing uncertainty. This blog provides an overview of what data is being released and how you can get the most from it.

  • Farewell to JACS, and hello to HECoS

    Andy Youell

    Director of Data Policy & Governance

    We have developed a new subject coding system to replace JACS. HECoS (the Higher Education Classification of Subjects) is more flexible than JACS, and so is better able to capture the diverse and dynamic nature of modern HE provision.

  • Data Futures in the Data Present: a planner’s perspective

    Guest Blogger

    Guest blogger Dr Garrick Fincham offers a planner's perspective on the challenges facing providers in the Data Futures programme.