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22056 Support guides


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Data Entry Tool

The majority of HESA collections are submitted in XML format.  

The Data Entry Tool is a piece of software that allows users to input the data they have collected, and if necessary, amend an existing XML data file. The tool has been created by HESA to allow users to produce XML data in the format required for their submission.   

The Data Entry Tool for the HESA Data Platform is currently available to download from the Beta phase page on the HESA website. 

We recommend you run it on a machine with the minimum specification of a 64-bit processor. The kit was developed using Microsoft's .Net Framework 4.8, so your computer should meet the minimum specifications published by Microsoft. 

The Data Entry Tool has been updated to be compatible with the new Data Futures schema. The Data Entry tool can be used to validate multiple schemas. Currently this includes the 21056 Student (Beta) and 22056 Student records.   

You will first need to load the relevant schema you wish to submit data to. 

The schema to be used, for 21056 Beta and/or 22056 Student, can be added into the Data Entry Tool:

1. Download the schema from the coding manual and save it locally.

2. Click on ‘Schema’ in the Data Entry Tool and the ‘Add Existing Schema File’.

3.    Select the schema that you've just saved.
4.    This should then appear as an option in the Active schema list.

Top tip: It is important to select the correct and most up-to date schema for the collection being worked on. Check the revision history of the specific collection for the date of the release of the XSD.  It is good practice to keep a check on any updates, so you are not using an old schema

Note: The Data Entry Tool can be used for both the 22056 Student and 21056 Beta collections, so it is important to select the relevant collection.

Online Validation Tool (OVT)

What is the Online Validation Tool?
The Online Validation Tool (OVT) is a separate submission environment which will enable providers to test their data ahead of the data submission period.
The OVT replaces the offline validation toolkit for the Student - Data Futures 2022/23 collection onwards.  Providers will be able to test and quality assure their files ahead of making a full submission to a live collection on the HESA Date Platform (HDP. 

The OVT user guide is available in the Support section of the HESA website. This guide includes details on:
•    Roles required to access the OVT
•    Logging into the OVT
•    Uploading a file to the OVT
•    File processing
•    Accessing the quality report

A comparison between the OVT and the Validation kit:

OVT Validation kit
Used to test data ahead of submission. Used to test data ahead of submission.
Available online as part of the HESA Data Platform. Downloadable from the collection coding manuals.
Increased validation included, for example historic checks. Less validation, historic checks not included.
Includes feature to download all issues. Results can be saved but not downloaded.
Working online, so providers can ask the Liaison team to view the data if support is needed. Working offline, so the Liaison team is unable to see the data.
More secure as held with other data. Downloaded so may not be as secure.