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HESA Student Record 2007/08 - Module outcome

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HESA Student Record 2007/08

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Module outcome

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Short nameMODOUT

This field records if the student completed the module and if so whether they gained credit or not. There should be a Module Outcome field for each module taken by the student.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All student on module records

Base data typeMODOUTCodeType
Field length1
Part of
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
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Reason required

To allow monitoring of completion and achievement.


Code 3 'Partial completion' is as defined in HEFCW HESES, and should be used for modules associated with full-time taught courses only.

Code 4 'Student did not complete module' includes cases where the student withdrew from the module or transferred from this module to another.

Code 5 'Module taken on a not-for-credit basis' should be used for a student who takes optional modules on a not for credit basis in addition to compulsory modules for their course, or for modules which do not have any form of assessment.

Code 6 'Module Outcome not yet known' should be used for cases where, for example, a student was ill and has been allowed to defer.

Code 6 'Module Outcome not yet known' should be used for modules continuing into the next reporting year. StudentOnModule.MODSTAT code 3 or 6 will show that the reason that these module outcomes is not yet known is because the module is continuing into the next reporting year.

Code 7 'Not coded' is an acceptable default code for use in this field unless otherwise indicated by the institution's funding council. Institutions in Wales must not use code 7. Institutions in England are encouraged to complete module information on the Student Record, to enable HEFCE to take this information into account in the future distribution of funding. HEFCE plan to include in funding from 2009/10 onwards additional FTE for students who are non-completers in terms of their original study intentions but who nevertheless have completed individual modules. For students who complete according to the current HESES rules there should be no funding implications in using code 7 in this field. However for students who do not complete HEFCE expect to count only modules with outcomes coded 1 or 2 in this field in funding additional FTE for partial completion.

Resit exams, late submission of assessments and/or results from late exam boards; Students who complete their module studies by 31 July but who have resit/first sit examinations to take, assessments to submit and/or whose final confirmation of award by exam boards may be after this date: If the Module Outcome is known before the Student Record data collection closes, these outcomes should be treated as if they had sat the exam in July and included in the return. However, if the outcome is not known before the Student Record data collection closes, code 6 'Module Outcome not yet known' should be used in the current reporting year and the data should be returned in the next reporting year by submitting a record with code 4 'Taken in a previous reporting year (outcome only)' in StudentOnModule.MODSTAT.

The requirement to return late module outcomes is compulsory for institutions in Wales. However until the wider adoption of the part-time performance indicator, the completion of late module outcomes will be optional for other institutions.

Completion should be as defined by the relevant funding council. For institutions in England this includes the requirement that the student either took the final module assessment or passed it. In England where students have resits (after having taken the final assessment) but the result is unknown, code 2 should be used in preference to Code 6, although a record should be returned in the next year showing the credit gained with StudentOnModule.MODSTAT of 4.

Date modified2008-05-30
Change management notesBusiness rule 3 added
Business rules

Institutions in Wales cannot use StudentOnModule.MODOUT code 7


StudentOnModule.MODOUT must be coded 6 where Welsh institution and StudentOnModule.MODSTAT = 3


Institutions not in Wales cannot use StudentOnModule.MODOUT code 3

Schema components
Element: MODOUT
Valid entries and labels
1Completion - gained full credit
2Completion - did not gain credit
3Partial completion (HEFCW HESES Rules)
4Student did not complete module
5Module taken on a not-for-credit basis
6Module outcome not yet known
7Not coded

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