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HESA Student Record 2007/08 - Term-time postcode

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HESA Student Record 2007/08

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Term-time postcode

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Short nameTTPCODE

This field records a postcode for the student's term-time address at some point during the reporting year

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All students where any (Instance.LOCSDY does not equal 6, 9, D or F and Instance.REDUCEDI = 00 )

Base data typePostCodeWithNullStructure
Field length8
Part of
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
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Reason required

To allow estimates to be made of local student populations.


A typical postcode such as GL50 3DA would be coded with a blank in the fifth character position. A postcode such as B1 6SR would have a blank in position 3. The part of the postcode before the space is known as the outward part of the postcode and can be 2, 3 or 4 characters long. The part of the postcode after the space is known as the inward part of the postcode and is a fixed length of 3 characters. The space between the outward and inward parts of the postcode must always be shown as part of the postcode.


This field is required for all students except those studying by distance learning and those on placements.

This can be a postcode from any point during term-time, but should not be a correspondence or summer contact address. It is expected that in many cases the postcode will change between years. Where students spend all or part of the year in a hall of residence the institution will be able to insert a generic postcode for that that hall into all of the relevant records.

Although completion of the field will be compulsory for all students, 'Unknown' values will be acceptable. If no valid postcode (full or outward only) can be ascertained an empty element should be returned with the ReasonForNull attribute set to 1 (not known), i.e:

           <TTPCODE ReasonForNull="1"></TTPCODE>

It will be possible to provide only the outward part of the postcode if this is all that is known, although that is not expected to arise commonly.

Postcodes returned must pass schema validation of format. Individual postcodes will be validated against the Royal Mail list but only a warning rather than an error will be generated if validation fails. This is intended to assist institutions that attach importance to the accuracy of their contact information but who may not be in a position to validate postcodes themselves.

Date modified2008-09-12
Change management notesPostcode structure example added
Business rules

Student.TTPCODE must exist where any Instance.LOCSDY does not equal 6, 9, D or F and the corresponding Instance.REDUCEDI = 00


Where exists, Student.TTPCODE must not equal EntryProfile.POSTCODE where Student.TTACCOM = 1 or 9


Student.TTPCODE must not be null except when ReasonForNull = 1


Student.TTPCODE must be null when ReasonForNull = 1

Schema components
Element: TTPCODE

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