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HESA Student Record 2007/08 - Module taught in a Celtic language

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HESA Student Record 2007/08

Fields required from institutions in Northern Ireland

Module taught in a Celtic language

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Short nameMODLANG

This field is used to indicate that the module that is taught, at least in part, through the medium of a Celtic language.

Applicable toNorthern Ireland Scotland Wales

All modules at institutions in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Base data typeMODLANGCodeType
Field length1
Part of
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Related fields
Reason required

To monitor pattern of provision in a Celtic language.


Modules taught partly in English (or another language) and partly in a Celtic language should be coded 1 Welsh, 2 Gaidhlig or 3 Irish appropriately. Field Module.LANGPCNT will show the proportion of the module that is taught in the Celtic language.

Code 9 'Not available through the medium of Welsh, Gaidhlig or Irish' indicates that no part of the module is taught through the medium of a Celtic language

For institutions in Wales, when using code 1, this field should indicate where the module is delivered wholly or partly through the medium of Welsh.

For further guidance on the completion of this field, and in particular with reference to activities which constitute learning through the medium of a Celtic language, please refer to the institution's funding council.

Date modified2008-05-30
Change management notesGuidance notes updated for institutions in Wales
Business rules

Module.MODLANG must exist for institutions in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland


Module.MODLANG must be 1, 2 or 3 where Module.LANGPCNT is greater than 0


Module.MODLANG must not exist for institutions in England

Schema components
Element: MODLANG
Valid entries and labels
9Not available through the medium of Welsh, Gaidhlig or Irish

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