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HESA Student Record 2007/08

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HESA Student Record 2007/08

Summary of main changes

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Version 1.2 Produced 2007-02-15

This document summarises the main changes in the 2007/08 Student Record.

Managing Information Across Partners (MIAP) programme

2007/08 sees the implementation of a number of changes to comply with the data standards set by the MIAP programme. This includes the replacement of the HESA institution identifier with the UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN). Full details of the changes driven by the MIAP programme are available here.

Data models and XML

The new student record structure is based on a logical data model and defined as an XML schema definition. Documents that define the data model, the file structure and the terminology of the new structure all form a part of the documentation published here. The hierarchical nature of the data structure has also led to some changes in the way the list of fields is presented.

Course and Course Aim

Although the previous data specification included attributes of the course, the concept of the course was not strong and there was no way in which data could be analysed and presented by course (the combination of mode, level and subject was the usual proxy). The 2007/08 Student Record now includes a Course entity. This recognises that there is a desire to analyse the record by course, specifically but not exclusively for the presentation of data for the TQI web site and the analysis of DLHE information.

Full details of the Course entity are contained in the Course specification document. Also see additional guidance document Courses.

The new qualification aim coding frame is intended to take account of new and changed qualifications and in particular to allow mapping to external qualification frameworks. The new coding frame is more structured than the previous one and consequently looks quite different.

Modules/Units of Learning

Some institutions have expressed concerns about the requirement to provide module/units of learning data for all students, in particular for research students. It is recognised that "module" may not be a term that is used within all HEIs. For non-modularised courses institutions will need to return one or more dummy modules in order to provide the cost centre, subject and percentage information used to calculate the student load split across cost centres and JACS2 codes.

There is a new document containing additional guidance on modules here.

Dormant students

Increasing reliance on the HIN linking mechanism has made it necessary for the guidance on dormant students to change for 2007/08. Institutions must account for all instances on which a student was active in the previous year (and who did not complete or suspend study on that programme) even those where the student has been dormant throughout the current reporting year, by submitting the instance with a dormant mode of study (codes 63, 64, 73 or 74) in Instance.MODE. Once this dormant instance has been submitted, it is not necessary to continue submitting dormant instances each year unless a qualification is being returned from the dormant mode or the student resumes study, in which case an active instance will be required.

Data for Students Studying Wholly Overseas

There are now formal requirements to collect some limited data about all students registered with UK HEIs but studying wholly overseas. Return of such students in the Student Record was previously optional (LOCSDY, Code 7) but they should now not be included. A separate simple aggregate return is being specified to meet these formal requirements. More information will be available for institutions at a later stage

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