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HESA Student Record 2007/08

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HESA Student Record 2007/08

Timescales for data collection

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Version 1.1 Produced 2008-03-30

Valid and complete data must be returned to the Agency by 15 September 2008. In order to be accepted by HESA, data must pass HESA validation checks. Institutions are encouraged to test their data locally using the validation kits made available by HESA before submitting data to the collection. Data which fails validation will not be considered to have been returned to the Agency.

Timescales summary table

Return date: 15 September 2008 Institutions are required to send complete data that has passed insert-stage validation to HESA by 15 September 2008
COMMIT Date: 22 September 2008 Institutions are required to send complete data that has passed COMMIT-stage validation to HESA by 22 September 2008
Data quality checking period:
22 September to 31 October 2008
A successful COMMIT will generate several reports. Institutions are required to review the reports and resubmit data in order to resolve data quality issues. The reports to review are:
  • Check documentation
  • HIN reports
  • TQI report
  • NSS report
  • POPDLHE - Record contacts should liaise with colleagues in the Careers Service to ensure that the right graduates are included in this report that will be required for the 2007/08 DLHE record (C07018).

Institutions may wish to decommit their return during this period in order to include results from late examination or re-sit boards.

Last submission of data files: 31 October 2008 In order to meet obligations for hand-over of data to its customers, HESA needs to receive all data files by 31 October 2008
Sign-off: 31 October 2008 As part of the data quality assurance procedures, HESA requires the return to be signed-off by the head of your institution, or by a person with suitable authority. Please note that the transaction number on the sign-off slip must correspond to that of the data being signed-off

Note: Institutions should download and keep copies of all relevant reports that they are likely to need during the year, as it will be necessary to restrict access to the site after the submission deadline.

Contact Liaison by email or on +44 (0)1242 388 531.