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HESA Aggregate record for students studying wholly overseas 2007/08

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HESA Aggregate record for students studying wholly overseas 2007/08

Revision history

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This table lists changes and additions to the record specification and supporting documentation.

Date Documentation
Element Element
2008-08-01 1.5 Validation overview 1.1 Amended to highlight that validation on Institution.UKPRN is now carried out at INSERT rather than COMMIT, and an update to the Validation kit software section.
2008-08-01 1.5 COMMIT-stage validation 1.1 Removed exception rule 1 for Institution.UKPRN from COMMIT-stage. Moved to INSERT-stage check
2008-08-01 1.5 Check documentation 1.0 Web version of Check documentation added
2008-05-30 1.4 Nil returns 1.0 Nil returns guidance added
2008-05-30 1.4 Nil returns sign-off slip 1.0 Downloadable Nil returns sign-off slip added
2008-04-30 1.3 Provision.COUNTRY 1.2 New value 'QO Kosovo' added to valid entries list
2008-04-30 1.3 Provision.INSTCAMP 1.1 Updated datatype from xs:string to INSTCAMPType
2008-04-15 1.2 Validation overview 1.0 Validation overview added
2008-04-15 1.2 Provision.COUNTRY 1.1 Field description updated to add more clarification. Valid entries CS Serbia and Montenegro, XD Spain (Except Canary Islands), XE Spain, not otherwise specified, XC Cyprus, not otherwise specified removed. RS Serbia, ME Montenegro, ES Spain {includes Ceuta, Melilla} added
2008-04-15 1.2 Data model 1.0 Data model, defining the relationship between the entities, added
2008-04-15 1.2 COMMIT-stage validation 1.0 Description of COMMIT-stage validation rules added
2008-04-15 1.2 Coverage 1.2 Coverage of the record section updated
2008-04-15 1.2 Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 1.0 Frequently asked questions added
2008-04-15 1.2 Glossary of terms 1.0 Glossary of terms added - covering the Data Model and XML
2008-04-15 1.2 Timescales for data collection 1.1 Updated to include Return, COMMIT, Data quality checking, Last submission and Sign-off dates
2007-09-14 1.1 C07052.xsd 1.1 Amended C07052.xsd to use correct DataTypes and CodeLists files
2007-09-14 1.1 Provision.LEVEL 1.1 Updated list of valid entries for Level of provision(LEVEL). Entries removed P(FE - level 3), Q(FE - level 2), R(FE - level 1), S(Entry level). Entry added F(Further Education)
2007-09-14 1.1 Coverage of the record 1.1 Updated text in Coverage of the record
2007-05-29 1.0 First release of documentation

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