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DLHE Longitudinal Survey 2008/09 cohort

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JACS2 - Principal subjects

Version 1.0 Produced 2006-07-31

A100 Pre-clinical medicine
A200 Pre-clinical dentistry
A300 Clinical medicine
A400 Clinical dentistry
A900 Others in medicine & dentistry
B100 Anatomy, physiology & pathology
B200 Pharmacology, toxicology & pharmacy
B300 Complementary medicine
B400 Nutrition
B500 Ophthalmics
B600 Aural & oral sciences
B700 Nursing
B800 Medical technology
B900 Others in subjects allied to medicine
C100 Biology
C200 Botany
C300 Zoology
C400 Genetics
C500 Microbiology
C600 Sports science
C700 Molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry
C800 Psychology
C900 Others in biological sciences
D100 Pre-clinical veterinary medicine
D200 Clinical veterinary medicine & dentistry
D300 Animal science
D400 Agriculture
D500 Forestry
D600 Food & beverage studies
D700 Agricultural sciences
D900 Others in veterinary sciences, agriculture & related subjects
F100 Chemistry
F200 Materials science
F300 Physics
F400 Forensic & archaeological science
F500 Astronomy
F600 Geology
F700 Science of aquatic & terrestrial environments
F800 Physical geographical sciences
F900 Others in physical sciences
G100 Mathematics
G200 Operational research
G300 Statistics
G400 Computer science
G500 Information systems
G600 Software engineering
G700 Artificial intelligence
G900 Others in mathematical & computer sciences (any use of this code will not pass validation)
H100 General engineering
H200 Civil engineering
H300 Mechanical engineering
H400 Aerospace engineering
H500 Naval architecture
H600 Electronic & electrical engineering
H700 Production & manufacturing engineering
H800 Chemical, process & energy engineering
H900 Others in engineering
J100 Minerals technology
J200 Metallurgy
J300 Ceramics & glasses
J400 Polymers & textiles
J500 Materials technology not otherwise specified
J600 Maritime technology
J700 Biotechnology
J900 Others in technology
K100 Architecture
K200 Building
K300 Landscape design
K400 Planning (urban, rural & regional)
K900 Others in architecture, building & planning
L100 Economics
L200 Politics
L300 Sociology
L400 Social policy
L500 Social work
L600 Anthropology
L700 Human & social geography
L900 Others in social studies
M100 Law by area
M200 Law by topic
M900 Other in law
N100 Business studies
N200 Management studies
N300 Finance
N400 Accounting
N500 Marketing
N600 Human resource management
N700 Office skills
N800 Hospitality, leisure, tourism & transport
N900 Others in business & administrative studies
P100 Information services
P200 Publicity studies
P300 Media studies
P400 Publishing
P500 Journalism
P900 Others in mass communications & documentation
Q100 Linguistics
Q200 Comparative literary studies
Q300 English studies
Q400 Ancient language studies
Q500 Celtic studies
Q600 Latin studies
Q700 Classical Greek studies
Q800 Classical studies
Q900 Others in linguistics, classics & related subjects
R100 French studies
R200 German studies
R300 Italian studies
R400 Spanish studies
R500 Portuguese studies
R600 Scandinavian studies
R700 Russian & East European studies
R800 European studies
R900 Others in European languages, literature & related subjects
T100 Chinese studies
T200 Japanese studies
T300 South Asian studies
T400 Other Asian studies
T500 African studies
T600 Modern Middle Eastern studies
T700 American studies
T800 Australasian studies
T900 Others in Eastern, Asiatic, African, American & Australasian languages, literature & related subjects
V100 History by period
V200 History by area
V300 History by topic
V400 Archaeology
V500 Philosophy
V600 Theology & religious studies
V900 Others in historical & philosophical studies
W100 Fine Art
W200 Design studies
W300 Music
W400 Drama
W500 Dance
W600 Cinematics & photography
W700 Crafts
W800 Imaginative writing
W900 Others in creative arts & design
X100 Training teachers
X200 Research & study skills in education
X300 Academic studies in education
X900 Others in education

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