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Initial Teacher Training In-Year Record 2008/09

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Initial Teacher Training In-Year Record 2008/09

Coverage of the record

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Version 1.3 Produced 2008-04-30

Coverage of the record

This record is an in-year collection covering students in England on a course of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) leading to Qualified Teacher Status. The ITT record is currently designed as a new entrant record and for 2008/09 it is compulsory for HEIs to send new entrants on ITT courses. However the record is able to collect information on continuing students if the institution wishes to include them. The coverage of the record includes TDA-funded flexible provision but excludes students on the Student Associate Scheme (SAS) and Inset courses as these are not counted as ITT. Institutions are not expected to return a record to HESA for students on employment-based routes or SCITT (e.g. GTP, OTT and RTP). There are separate systems to collect this data. The reporting period for the collection is 1 August – 31 July.

Provisional Registration (GTCE)

The General Teaching Council for England (GTCE) requires that any student on an ITT course must be provisionally registered, through being included in this return, within 28-days of the commencement of the course. Student details will be forwarded to GTCE after confirmation at an individual level by the institution (as detailed in the Data collection process (PDF)).

TDA Census

TDA will use this data to create the Trainee Numbers Census. All students in the record eligible for TDA funding will be available to TDA (FUNDCODE coded 7 ‘Fundable by Training & Development Agency for Schools’). The TDA require HEIs to make a first submission by the 1st October. The TDA will take a census count of students registered as active at an HEI on the 2nd Wednesday in October. HEIs can, with TDA permission, update this information until the 4th Wednesday in October and it is on this date that the final download of data will be taken by the TDA.

Overseas Domiciled Students

Overseas domiciled students on ITT courses must be provisionally registered with the GTCE and so should be included in the ITT In-Year Record. However, if these students are not eligible for funding the fundability code (FUNDCODE) should be coded 2 'Not fundable by the funding council'. This will allow them to be excluded from the TDA census.

Students who transfer to a Non ITT Course

Any student who transfers from an ITT to a non ITT course before the close of the TDA census (4th Wednesday in October) should have their record updated with TTCID = 0 ‘Not a teacher training course’ so that the student is identified as not being on an ITT course. It is important that the same NUMHUS is reported where the student is studying at the same level i.e. UG or PG.

Leaving Information

Leaving information (ENDDATE and RSNEND) must be submitted where a student has left the institution before the TDA census date of 2nd Wednesday in October. Leaving information will indicate that the student must be excluded from the TDA census. It is also recommended that HEIs send leaving information for students who leave the HEI between the 2nd Wednesday in October and the close of the TDA census on the 4th Wednesday in October.

Relationship with the Student Record

Although this collection contains a subset of records that will be included in the subsequent summer's Student Record, this collection is entirely separate to the HESA Student Record. Eligible students must be included in each collection, however, it is recognised that information from this record for a student may be updated in a subsequent Student Record.

It is critically important that the HUSID and the NUMHUS remain the same for a student returned on both the ITT In-Year Record and the Student Record to allow record linkage.

Field comparison between the ITT In-Year Record and the Student Record

The fileds that exist on both the ITT In-Year Record and the Student Record, and the fields that exist only on the ITT In-Year Record are listed below.

Fields that exist on both the ITT In-Year Record and the Student Record

UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN)
Record type indicator (RECID)
HESA unique student identifier (HUSID)
Institution's own identifier for student (OWNSTU)
Teacher Reference Number (TREFNO)
Unique Learner Number (ULN)
Student instance identifier (NUMHUS)
Forenames (FNAMES)
Family name (SURNAME)
Family name on 16th birthday (SNAME16)
Date of birth (BIRTHDTE)
Gender (GENDER)
Disability (DISABLE)
Disabled Student Allowance (DISALL)
Ethnicity (ETHNIC)
PGCE class of undergraduate degree (PGCECLSS)
PGCE subject of undergraduate degree (PGCESBJ)
Start date of instance (COMDATE)
Fundability Code (FUNDCODE)
End date of instance (ENDDATE)
Reason for ending instance (RSNEND)
Year of student on this instance (YEARSTU)
Year of course (YEARPRG)
Expected length of study (SPLENGTH)
Units of length (UNITLGTH)
Mode of Study (MODE)
Teacher training Course (TTCID)
ITT phase/scope (ITTPHSC)
ITT schemes (ITTSCHMS)
Course identifier (COURSEID)
Course title (CTITLE)
Subject of ITT course (SBJCA)

Additional fields that exist only on the ITT In-Year Record

National insurance number (NIN)
Independent Safeguarding Authority Registration Number (ISANUM)
Title (TITLE)
Immediately prior surname (PSURNAME)
Positive indication that self-certification complete (INDSLFCRT)
Previous Degree country (DEGCTRY)
Previous Degree establishment (DEGEST)
Previous Degree Type (DEGTYPE)
Previous Degree Start Date (DEGSTDT)
Previous Degree End Date (DEGENDDT)
Previous Degree Length in Years (DEGLENGTH)
Skills test number (SKILLTEST)
ITT Qualification Aim (ITTAIM)

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