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HESA Student Record 2009/10 - ModuleModule

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HESA Student Record 2009/10

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Short nameModule

A discrete unit of learning and/or research

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

Compulsory for all returns

Part of
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrencesunbounded
Has parts
Reason required

This entity exists to hold information about modules/units of activity that students undertake.


Although the term 'Module' is used to describe this entity, the definition covers any discrete unit of learning and/or research. The aim of collecting this information is to provide a greater level of detail about the student's activity than can be ascertained from the course-level information. Specifically, this includes the detail of subjects studied during the year, credit scheme information and cost centre information that is used in conjunction with the FTE value shown in Instance.STULOAD.

In cases where students are studying within academic structures that are not 'modular', the module could be defined as a single unit to cover a year's worth of activity on a course.

It is recommended that in cases where a module is used in both HE and FE instances, institutions return two separate module records because different validation needs to be applied.

Schema components
Element: Module

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