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DLHE - Longitudinal Survey 2010/11 - Q8 What does the organisation mainly do?

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DLHE - Longitudinal Survey 2010/11

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Q8 What does the organisation mainly do?

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valid entries
Short nameWRK_ORG_SIC07
Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales
QuestionQ8 What does the organisation mainly do?
Valid entries and labels
0100Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities
0110Growing of non-perennial crops
0111Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds
0112Growing of rice
0113Growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers
0114Growing of sugar cane
0115Growing of tobacco
0116Growing of fibre crops
0119Growing of other non-perennial crops
0120Growing of perennial crops
0121Growing of grapes
0122Growing of tropical and subtropical fruits
0123Growing of citrus fruits
0124Growing of pome fruits and stone fruits
0125Growing of other tree and bush fruits and nuts
0126Growing of oleaginous fruits
0127Growing of beverage crops
0128Growing of spices, aromatic, drug and pharmaceutical crops
0129Growing of other perennial crops
0130Plant propagation
0140Animal production
0141Raising of dairy cattle
0142Raising of other cattle and buffaloes
0143Raising of horses and other equines
0144Raising of camels and camelids
0145Raising of sheep and goats
0146Raising of swine/pigs
0147Raising of poultry
0149Raising of other animals
0150Mixed farming
0160Support activities to agriculture and post-harvest crop activities
0161Support activities for crop production
0162Support activities for animal production
0163Post-harvest crop activities
0164Seed processing for propagation
0170Hunting, trapping and related service activities
0200Forestry and logging
0210Silviculture and other forestry activities
0230Gathering of wild growing non-wood products
0240Support services to forestry
0300Fishing and aquaculture
0311Marine fishing
0312Freshwater fishing
0321Marine aquaculture
0322Freshwater aquaculture
0500Mining of coal and lignite
0510Mining of hard coal
0520Mining of lignite
0600Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas
0610Extraction of crude petroleum
0620Extraction of natural gas
0700Mining of metal ores
0710Mining of iron ores
0720Mining of non-ferrous metal ores
0721Mining of uranium and thorium ores
0729Mining of other non-ferrous metal ores
0800Other mining and quarrying
0810Quarrying of stone, sand and clay
0811Quarrying of ornamental and building stone, limestone, gypsum, chalk and slate
0812Operation of gravel and sand pits; mining of clays and kaolin
0890Mining and quarrying n.e.c.
0891Mining of chemical and fertiliser minerals
0892Extraction of peat
0893Extraction of salt
0899Other mining and quarrying n.e.c.
0900Mining support service activities
0910Support activities for petroleum and natural gas extraction
0990Support activities for other mining and quarrying
1000Manufacture of food products
1010Processing and preserving of meat and production of meat products
1011Processing and preserving of meat
1012Processing and preserving of poultry meat
1013Production of meat and poultry meat products
1020Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs
1030Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
1031Processing and preserving of potatoes
1032Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juice
1039Other processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
1040Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats
1041Manufacture of oils and fats
1042Manufacture of margarine and similar edible fats
1050Manufacture of dairy products
1051Operation of dairies and cheese making
1052Manufacture of ice cream
1060Manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch products
1061Manufacture of grain mill products
1062Manufacture of starches and starch products
1070Manufacture of bakery and farinaceous products
1071Manufacture of bread; manufacture of fresh pastry goods and cakes
1072Manufacture of rusks and biscuits; manufacture of preserved pastry goods and cakes
1073Manufacture of macaroni, noodles, couscous and similar farinaceous products
1080Manufacture of other food products
1081Manufacture of sugar
1082Manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery
1083Processing of tea and coffee
1084Manufacture of condiments and seasonings
1085Manufacture of prepared meals and dishes
1086Manufacture of homogenised food preparations and dietetic food
1089Manufacture of other food products n.e.c.
1090Manufacture of prepared animal feeds
1091Manufacture of prepared feeds for farm animals
1092Manufacture of prepared pet foods
1100Manufacture of beverages
1101Distilling, rectifying and blending of spirits
1102Manufacture of wine from grape
1103Manufacture of cider and other fruit wines
1104Manufacture of other non-distilled fermented beverages
1105Manufacture of beer
1106Manufacture of malt
1107Manufacture of soft drinks; production of mineral waters and other bottled waters
1200Manufacture of tobacco products
1300Manufacture of textiles
1310Preparation and spinning of textile fibres
1320Weaving of textiles
1330Finishing of textiles
1390Manufacture of other textiles
1391Manufacture of knitted and crocheted fabrics
1392Manufacture of made-up textile articles, except apparel
1393Manufacture of carpets and rugs
1394Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting
1395Manufacture of non-wovens and articles made from non-wovens, except apparel
1396Manufacture of other technical and industrial textiles
1399Manufacture of other textiles n.e.c.
1400Manufacture of wearing apparel
1410Manufacture of wearing apparel, except fur apparel
1411Manufacture of leather clothes
1412Manufacture of workwear
1413Manufacture of other outerwear
1414Manufacture of underwear
1419Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories
1420Manufacture of articles of fur
1430Manufacture of knitted and crocheted apparel
1431Manufacture of knitted and crocheted hosiery
1439Manufacture of other knitted and crocheted apparel
1500Manufacture of leather and related products
1510Tanning and dressing of leather; manufacture of luggage, handbags, saddlery and harness; dressing and dyeing of fur
1511Tanning and dressing of leather; dressing and dyeing of fur
1512Manufacture of luggage, handbags and the like, saddlery and harness
1520Manufacture of footwear
1600Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting materials
1610Sawmilling and planing of wood
1620Manufacture of products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials
1621Manufacture of veneer sheets and wood-based panels
1622Manufacture of assembled parquet floors
1623Manufacture of other builders' carpentry and joinery
1624Manufacture of wooden containers
1629Manufacture of other products of wood; manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials
1700Manufacture of paper and paper products
1710Manufacture of pulp, paper and paperboard
1711Manufacture of pulp
1712Manufacture of paper and paperboard
1720Manufacture of articles of paper and paperboard
1721Manufacture of corrugated paper and paperboard and of containers of paper and paperboard
1722Manufacture of household and sanitary goods and of toilet requisites
1723Manufacture of paper stationery
1724Manufacture of wallpaper
1729Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard n.e.c.
1800Printing and reproduction of recorded media
1810Printing and service activities related to printing
1811Printing of newspapers
1812Other printing
1813Pre-press and pre-media services
1814Binding and related services
1820Reproduction of recorded media
1900Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products
1910Manufacture of coke oven products
1920Manufacture of refined petroleum products
2000Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
2010Manufacture of basic chemicals, fertilisers and nitrogen compounds, plastics and synthetic rubber in primary forms
2011Manufacture of industrial gases
2012Manufacture of dyes and pigments
2013Manufacture of other inorganic basic chemicals
2014Manufacture of other organic basic chemicals
2015Manufacture of fertilisers and nitrogen compounds
2016Manufacture of plastics in primary forms
2017Manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms
2020Manufacture of pesticides and other agrochemical products
2030Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics
2040Manufacture of soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations, perfumes and toilet preparations
2041Manufacture of soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations
2042Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations
2050Manufacture of other chemical products
2051Manufacture of explosives
2052Manufacture of glues
2053Manufacture of essential oils
2059Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c.
2060Manufacture of man-made fibres
2100Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations
2110Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products
2120Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations
2200Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
2210Manufacture of rubber products
2211Manufacture of rubber tyres and tubes; retreading and rebuilding of rubber tyres
2219Manufacture of other rubber products
2220Manufacture of plastics products
2221Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles
2222Manufacture of plastic packing goods
2223Manufacture of builders' ware of plastic
2229Manufacture of other plastic products
2300Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
2310Manufacture of glass and glass products
2311Manufacture of flat glass
2312Shaping and processing of flat glass
2313Manufacture of hollow glass
2314Manufacture of glass fibres
2319Manufacture and processing of other glass, including technical glassware
2320Manufacture of refractory products
2330Manufacture of clay building materials
2331Manufacture of ceramic tiles and flags
2332Manufacture of bricks, tiles and construction products, in baked clay
2340Manufacture of other porcelain and ceramic products
2341Manufacture of ceramic household and ornamental articles
2342Manufacture of ceramic sanitary fixtures
2343Manufacture of ceramic insulators and insulating fittings
2344Manufacture of other technical ceramic products
2349Manufacture of other ceramic products
2350Manufacture of cement, lime and plaster
2351Manufacture of cement
2352Manufacture of lime and plaster
2360Manufacture of articles of concrete, cement and plaster
2361Manufacture of concrete products for construction purposes
2362Manufacture of plaster products for construction purposes
2363Manufacture of ready-mixed concrete
2364Manufacture of mortars
2365Manufacture of fibre cement
2369Manufacture of other articles of concrete, plaster and cement
2370Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone
2390Manufacture of abrasive products and non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.
2391Production of abrasive products
2399Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.
2400Manufacture of basic metals
2410Manufacture of basic iron and steel and of ferro-alloys
2420Manufacture of tubes, pipes, hollow profiles and related fittings, of steel
2430Manufacture of other products of first processing of steel
2431Cold drawing of bars
2432Cold rolling of narrow strip
2433Cold forming or folding
2434Cold drawing of wire
2440Manufacture of basic precious and other non-ferrous metals
2441Precious metals production
2442Aluminium production
2443Lead, zinc and tin production
2444Copper production
2445Other non-ferrous metal production
2446Processing of nuclear fuel
2450Casting of metals
2451Casting of iron
2452Casting of steel
2453Casting of light metals
2454Casting of other non-ferrous metals
2500Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
2510Manufacture of structural metal products
2511Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures
2512Manufacture of doors and windows of metal
2520Manufacture of tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal
2521Manufacture of central heating radiators and boilers
2529Manufacture of other tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal
2530Manufacture of steam generators, except central heating hot water boilers
2540Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
2550Forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy
2560Treatment and coating of metals; machining
2561Treatment and coating of metals
2570Manufacture of cutlery, tools and general hardware
2571Manufacture of cutlery
2572Manufacture of locks and hinges
2573Manufacture of tools
2590Manufacture of other fabricated metal products
2591Manufacture of steel drums and similar containers
2592Manufacture of light metal packaging
2593Manufacture of wire products, chain and springs
2594Manufacture of fasteners and screw machine products
2599Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c.
2600Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products
2610Manufacture of electronic components and boards
2611Manufacture of electronic components
2612Manufacture of loaded electronic boards
2620Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment
2630Manufacture of communication equipment
2640Manufacture of consumer electronics
2650Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring, testing and navigation; watches and clocks
2651Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring, testing and navigation
2652Manufacture of watches and clocks
2660Manufacture of irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment
2670Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment
2680Manufacture of magnetic and optical media
2700Manufacture of electrical equipment
2710Manufacture of electric motors, generators, transformers and electricity distribution and control apparatus
2711Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers
2712Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus
2720Manufacture of batteries and accumulators
2730Manufacture of wiring and wiring devices
2731Manufacture of fibre optic cables
2732Manufacture of other electronic and electric wires and cables
2733Manufacture of wiring devices
2740Manufacture of electric lighting equipment
2750Manufacture of domestic appliances
2751Manufacture of electric domestic appliances
2752Manufacture of non-electric domestic appliances
2790Manufacture of other electrical equipment
2800Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
2810Manufacture of general purpose machinery
2811Manufacture of engines and turbines, except aircraft, vehicle and cycle engines
2812Manufacture of fluid power equipment
2813Manufacture of other pumps and compressors
2814Manufacture of other taps and valves
2815Manufacture of bearings, gears, gearing and driving elements
2820Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery
2821Manufacture of ovens, furnaces and furnace burners
2822Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment
2823Manufacture of office machinery and equipment (except computers and peripheral equipment)
2824Manufacture of power-driven hand tools
2825Manufacture of non-domestic cooling and ventilation equipment
2829Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery n.e.c.
2830Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery
2840Manufacture of metal forming machinery and machine tools
2841Manufacture of metal forming machinery
2849Manufacture of other machine tools
2890Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery
2891Manufacture of machinery for metallurgy
2892Manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction
2893Manufacture of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing
2894Manufacture of machinery for textile, apparel and leather production
2895Manufacture of machinery for paper and paperboard production
2896Manufacture of plastics and rubber machinery
2899Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery n.e.c.
2900Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
2910Manufacture of motor vehicles
2920Manufacture of bodies (coachwork) for motor vehicles; manufacture of trailers and semitrailers
2930Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles
2931Manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles
2932Manufacture of other parts and accessories for motor vehicles
3000Manufacture of other transport equipment
3010Building of ships and boats
3011Building of ships and floating structures
3012Building of pleasure and sporting boats
3020Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock
3030Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machinery
3040Manufacture of military fighting vehicles
3090Manufacture of transport equipment n.e.c.
3091Manufacture of motorcycles
3092Manufacture of bicycles and invalid carriages
3099Manufacture of other transport equipment n.e.c.
3100Manufacture of furniture
3101Manufacture of office and shop furniture
3102Manufacture of kitchen furniture
3103Manufacture of mattresses
3109Manufacture of other furniture
3210Manufacture of jewellery, bijouterie and related articles
3211Striking of coins
3212Manufacture of jewellery and related articles
3213Manufacture of imitation jewellery and related articles
3220Manufacture of musical instruments
3230Manufacture of sports goods
3240Manufacture of games and toys
3250Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies
3290Other manufacturing
3291Manufacture of brooms and brushes
3299Other manufacturing n.e.c.
3300Repair and installation of machinery and equipment
3310Repair of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment
3311Repair of fabricated metal products
3312Repair of machinery
3313Repair of electronic and optical equipment
3314Repair of electrical equipment
3315Repair and maintenance of ships and boats
3316Repair and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft
3317Repair and maintenance of transport equipment n.e.c.
3319Repair of other equipment
3320Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
3500Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
3510Electric power generation, transmission and distribution
3511Production of electricity
3512Transmission of electricity
3513Distribution of electricity
3514Trade of electricity
3520Manufacture of gas; distribution of gaseous fuels through mains
3521Manufacture of gas
3522Distribution of gaseous fuels through mains
3523Trade of gas through mains
3530Steam and air conditioning supply
3600Water collection, treatment and supply
3800Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities; materials recovery
3810Waste collection
3811Collection of non-hazardous waste
3812Collection of hazardous waste
3820Waste treatment and disposal
3821Treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste
3822Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste
3830Materials recovery
3831Dismantling of wrecks
3832Recovery of sorted materials
3900Remediation activities and other waste management services
4100Construction of buildings
4110Development of building projects
4120Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
4200Civil engineering
4210Construction of roads and railways
4211Construction of roads and motorways
4212Construction of railways and underground railways
4213Construction of bridges and tunnels
4220Construction of utility projects
4221Construction of utility projects for fluids
4222Construction of utility projects for electricity and telecommunications
4290Construction of other civil engineering projects
4291Construction of water projects
4299Construction of other civil engineering projects n.e.c.
4300Specialised construction activities
4310Demolition and site preparation
4312Site preparation
4313Test drilling and boring
4320Electrical, plumbing and other construction installation activities
4321Electrical installation
4322Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation
4329Other construction installation
4330Building completion and finishing
4332Joinery installation
4333Floor and wall covering
4334Painting and glazing
4339Other building completion and finishing
4390Other specialised construction activities
4391Roofing activities
4399Other specialised construction activities n.e.c.
4500Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
4510Sale of motor vehicles
4511Sale of cars and light motor vehicles
4519Sale of other motor vehicles
4520Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
4530Sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories
4531Wholesale trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories
4532Retail trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories
4540Sale, maintenance and repair of motorcycles and related parts and accessories
4600Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
4610Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
4611Agents involved in the sale of agricultural raw materials, live animals, textile raw materials and semi-finished goods)
4612Agents involved in the sale of fuels, ores, metals and industrial chemicals
4613Agents involved in the sale of timber and building materials
4614Agents involved in the sale of machinery, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft
4615Agents involved in the sale of furniture, household goods, hardware and ironmongery
4616Agents involved in the sale of textiles, clothing, fur, footwear and leather goods
4617Agents involved in the sale of food, beverages and tobacco
4618Agents specialised in the sale of other particular products
4619Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods
4620Wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals
4621Wholesale of grain, unmanufactured tobacco, seeds and animal feeds
4622Wholesale of flowers and plants
4623Wholesale of live animals
4624Wholesale of hides, skins and leather
4630Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco
4631Wholesale of fruit and vegetables
4632Wholesale of meat and meat products
4633Wholesale of dairy products, eggs and edible oils and fats
4634Wholesale of beverages
4635Wholesale of tobacco products
4636Wholesale of sugar and chocolate and sugar confectionery
4637Wholesale of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices
4638Wholesale of other food, including fish, crustaceans and molluscs
4639Non-specialised wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco
4640Wholesale of household goods
4641Wholesale of textiles
4642Wholesale of clothing and footwear
4643Wholesale of electrical household appliances
4644Wholesale of china and glassware and cleaning materials
4645Wholesale of perfume and cosmetics
4646Wholesale of pharmaceutical goods
4647Wholesale of furniture, carpets and lighting equipment
4648Wholesale of watches and jewellery
4649Wholesale of other household goods
4650Wholesale of information and communication equipment
4651Wholesale of computers, computer peripheral equipment and software
4652Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts
4660Wholesale of other machinery, equipment and supplies
4661Wholesale of agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies
4662Wholesale of machine tools
4663Wholesale of mining, construction and civil engineering machinery
4664Wholesale of machinery for the textile industry and of sewing and knitting machines
4665Wholesale of office furniture
4666Wholesale of other office machinery and equipment
4669Wholesale of other machinery and equipment
4670Other specialised wholesale
4671Wholesale of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products
4672Wholesale of metals and metal ores
4673Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment
4674Wholesale of hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies
4675Wholesale of chemical products
4676Wholesale of other intermediate products
4677Wholesale of waste and scrap
4690Non-specialised wholesale trade
4700Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
4710Retail sale in non-specialised stores
4711Retail sale in non-specialised stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating
4719Other retail sale in non-specialised stores
4720Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco in specialised stores
4721Retail sale of fruit and vegetables in specialised stores
4722Retail sale of meat and meat products in specialised stores
4723Retail sale of fish, crustaceans and molluscs in specialised stores
4724Retail sale of bread, cakes, flour confectionery and sugar confectionery in specialised stores
4725Retail sale of beverages in specialised stores
4726Retail sale of tobacco products in specialised stores
4729Other retail sale of food in specialised stores
4730Retail sale of automotive fuel in specialised stores
4740Retail sale of information and communication equipment in specialised stores
4741Retail sale of computers, peripheral units and software in specialised stores
4742Retail sale of telecommunications equipment in specialised stores
4743Retail sale of audio and video equipment in specialised stores
4750Retail sale of other household equipment in specialised stores
4751Retail sale of textiles in specialised stores
4752Retail sale of hardware, paints and glass in specialised stores
4753Retail sale of carpets, rugs, wall and floor coverings in specialised stores
4754Retail sale of electrical household appliances in specialised stores
4759Retail sale of furniture, lighting equipment and other household articles in specialised stores
4760Retail sale of cultural and recreation goods in specialised stores
4761Retail sale of books in specialised stores
4762Retail sale of newspapers and stationery in specialised stores
4763Retail sale of music and video recordings in specialised stores
4764Retail sale of sporting equipment in specialised stores
4765Retail sale of games and toys in specialised stores
4770Retail sale of other goods in specialised stores
4771Retail sale of clothing in specialised stores
4772Retail sale of footwear and leather goods in specialised stores
4773Dispensing chemist in specialised stores
4774Retail sale of medical and orthopaedic goods in specialised stores
4775Retail sale of cosmetic and toilet articles in specialised stores
4776Retail sale of flowers, plants, seeds, fertilisers, pet animals and pet food in specialised stores
4777Retail sale of watches and jewellery in specialised stores
4778Other retail sale of new goods in specialised stores
4779Retail sale of second-hand goods in stores
4780Retail sale via stalls and markets
4781Retail sale via stalls and markets of food, beverages and tobacco products
4782Retail sale via stalls and markets of textiles, clothing and footwear
4789Retail sale via stalls and markets of other goods
4790Retail trade not in stores, stalls or markets
4791Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet
4799Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets
4900Land transport and transport via pipelines
4910Passenger rail transport, interurban
4920Freight rail transport
4930Other passenger land transport
4931Urban and suburban passenger land transport
4932Taxi operation
4939Other passenger land transport n.e.c.
4940Freight transport by road and removal services
4941Freight transport by road
4942Removal services
4950Transport via pipeline
5000Water transport
5010Sea and coastal passenger water transport
5020Sea and coastal freight water transport
5030Inland passenger water transport
5040Inland freight water transport
5100Air transport
5110Passenger air transport
5120Freight air transport and space transport
5121Freight air transport
5122Space transport
5200Warehousing and support activities for transportation
5210Warehousing and storage
5220Support activities for transportation
5221Service activities incidental to land transportation
5222Service activities incidental to water transportation
5223Service activities incidental to air transportation
5224Cargo handling
5229Other transportation support activities
5300Postal and courier activities
5310Postal activities under universal service obligation
5320Other postal and courier activities
5510Hotels and similar accommodation
5520Holiday and other short stay accommodation
5530Camping grounds, recreational vehicle parks and trailer parks
5590Other accommodation
5600Food and beverage service activities
5610Restaurants and mobile food service activities
5620Event catering and other food service activities
5621Event catering activities
5629Other food service activities
5630Beverage serving activities
5800Publishing activities
5810Publishing of books, periodicals and other publishing activities
5811Book publishing
5812Publishing of directories and mailing lists
5813Publishing of newspapers
5814Publishing of journals and periodicals
5819Other publishing activities
5820Software publishing
5821Publishing of computer games
5829Other software publishing
5900Motion picture, video and television programme production, sound recording and music publishing activities
5910Motion picture, video and television programme activities
5911Motion picture, video and television programme production activities
5912Motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities
5913Motion picture, video and television programme distribution activities
5914Motion picture projection activities
5920Sound recording and music publishing activities
6000Programming and broadcasting activities
6010Radio broadcasting
6020Television programming and broadcasting activities
6110Wired telecommunications activities
6120Wireless telecommunications activities
6130Satellite telecommunications activities
6190Other telecommunications activities
6200Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
6201Computer programming activities
6202Computer consultancy activities
6203Computer facilities management activities
6209Other information technology and computer service activities
6300Information service activities
6310Data processing, hosting and related activities; web portals
6311Data processing, hosting and related activities
6312Web portals
6390Other information service activities
6391News agency activities
6399Other information service activities n.e.c.
6400Financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding
6410Monetary intermediation
6411Central banking
6419Other monetary intermediation
6420Activities of holding companies
6430Trusts, funds and similar financial entities
6490Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding
6491Financial leasing
6492Other credit granting
6499Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding, n.e.c.
6500Insurance, reinsurance and pension funding, except compulsory social security
6511Life insurance
6512Non-life insurance
6530Pension funding
6600Activities auxiliary to financial services and insurance activities
6610Activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding
6611Administration of financial markets
6612Security and commodity contracts brokerage
6619Other activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding
6620Activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding
6621Risk and damage evaluation
6622Activities of insurance agents and brokers
6629Other activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding
6630Fund management activities
6800Real estate activities
6810Buying and selling of own real estate
6820Renting and operating of own or leased real estate
6830Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis
6831Real estate agencies
6832Management of real estate on a fee or contract basis
6900Legal and accounting activities
6910Legal activities
6920Accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities; tax consultancy
7000Activities of head offices; management consultancy activities
7010Activities of head offices
7020Management consultancy activities
7021Public relations and communication activities
7022Business and other management consultancy activities
7100Architectural and engineering activities; technical testing and analysis
7110Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy
7111Architectural activities
7112Engineering activities and related technical consultancy
7120Technical testing and analysis
7200Scientific research and development
7210Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
7211Research and experimental development on biotechnology
7219Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
7220Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities
7300Advertising and market research
7311Advertising agencies
7312Media representation
7320Market research and public opinion polling
7400Other professional, scientific and technical activities
7410Specialised design activities
7420Photographic activities
7430Translation and interpretation activities
7490Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
7500Veterinary activities
7700Rental and leasing activities
7710Renting and leasing of motor vehicles
7711Renting and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles
7712Renting and leasing of trucks
7720Renting and leasing of personal and household goods
7721Renting and leasing of recreational and sports goods
7722Renting of video tapes and disks
7729Renting and leasing of other personal and household goods
7730Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods
7731Renting and leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment
7732Renting and leasing of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment
7733Renting and leasing of office machinery and equipment (including computers)
7734Renting and leasing of water transport equipment
7735Renting and leasing of air transport equipment
7739Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods n.e.c.
7740Leasing of intellectual property and similar products, except copyrighted works
7800Employment activities
7810Activities of employment placement agencies
7820Temporary employment agency activities
7830Other human resources provision
7900Travel agency, tour operator and other reservation service and related activities
7910Travel agency and tour operator activities
7911Travel agency activities
7912Tour operator activities
7990Other reservation service and related activities
8000Security and investigation activities
8010Private security activities
8020Security systems service activities
8030Investigation activities
8100Services to buildings and landscape activities
8110Combined facilities support activities
8120Cleaning activities
8121General cleaning of buildings
8122Other building and industrial cleaning activities
8129Other cleaning activities
8130Landscape service activities
8200Office administrative, office support and other business support activities
8210Office administrative and support activities
8211Combined office administrative service activities
8219Photocopying, document preparation and other specialised office support activities
8220Activities of call centres
8230Organisation of conventions and trade shows
8290Business support service activities n.e.c.
8291Activities of collection agencies and credit bureaus
8292Packaging activities
8299Other business support service activities n.e.c.
8400Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
8410Administration of the State and the economic and social policy of the community
8411General public administration activities
8412Regulation of the activities of providing health care, education, cultural services and other social services, excluding social security
8413Regulation of and contribution to more efficient operation of businesses
8420Provision of services to the community as a whole
8421Foreign affairs
8422Defence activities
8423Justice and judicial activities
8424Public order and safety activities
8425Fire service activities
8430Compulsory social security activities
8510Pre-primary education
8520Primary education
8530Secondary education
8531General secondary education
8532Technical and vocational secondary education
8540Higher education
8541Post-secondary non-tertiary education
8542Tertiary education
8550Other education
8551Sports and recreation education
8552Cultural education
8553Driving school activities
8559Other education n.e.c.
8560Educational support activities
8600Human health activities
8610Hospital activities
8620Medical and dental practice activities
8621General medical practice activities
8622Specialist medical practice activities
8623Dental practice activities
8690Other human health activities
8700Residential care activities
8710Residential nursing care activities
8720Residential care activities for mental retardation, mental health and substance abuse
8730Residential care activities for the elderly and disabled
8790Other residential care activities
8800Social work activities without accommodation
8810Social work activities without accommodation for the elderly and disabled
8890Other social work activities without accommodation
8891Child day-care activities
8899Other social work activities without accommodation n.e.c.
9000Creative, arts and entertainment activities
9001Performing arts
9002Support activities to performing arts
9003Artistic creation
9004Operation of arts facilities
9100Libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities
9101Library and archive activities
9102Museum activities
9103Operation of historical sites and buildings and similar visitor attractions
9104Botanical and zoological gardens and nature reserve activities
9200Gambling and betting activities
9300Sports activities and amusement and recreation activities
9310Sports activities
9311Operation of sports facilities
9312Activities of sport clubs
9313Fitness facilities
9319Other sports activities
9320Amusement and recreation activities
9321Activities of amusement parks and theme parks
9329Other amusement and recreation activities
9400Activities of membership organisations
9410Activities of business, employers and professional membership organisations
9411Activities of business and employers membership organisations
9412Activities of professional membership organisations
9420Activities of trade unions
9490Activities of other membership organisations
9491Activities of religious organisations
9492Activities of political organisations
9499Activities of other membership organisations n.e.c.
9500Repair of computers and personal and household goods
9510Repair of computers and communication equipment
9511Repair of computers and peripheral equipment
9512Repair of communication equipment
9520Repair of personal and household goods
9521Repair of consumer electronics
9522Repair of household appliances and home and garden equipment
9523Repair of footwear and leather goods
9524Repair of furniture and home furnishings
9525Repair of watches, clocks and jewellery
9529Repair of other personal and household goods
9600Other personal service activities
9601Washing and (dry-)cleaning of textile and fur products
9602Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
9603Funeral and related activities
9604Physical well-being activities
9609Other personal service activities n.e.c.
9700Activities of households as employers of domestic personnel
9800Undifferentiated goods- and services-producing activities of private households for own use
9810Undifferentiated goods-producing activities of private house holds for own use
9820Undifferentiated service-producing activities of private households for own use
9900Activities of extraterritorial organisations and bodies
9999Not known
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Element: WRK_ORG_SIC07
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