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HESA Student Record 2010/11

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HESA Student Record 2010/11

File structures for downloadable files

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Version 1.0 Produced 2011-04-28

File Structure - DLHE target population (POPDLHE)

Files are produced in XML and fixed length format.

Field name Description Element name in XML output Field length
Student.HUSID HESA unique student identifier HUSID 13
Student.SURNAME Family name SURNAME 100
Student.FNAMES Forenames FNAMES 100
Student.OWNSTU Institution's own identifier for student OWNSTU 20
Course.CTITLE Course title CTITLE 255
Course.COURSEID Course identifier COURSEID 30
XQMODE01 Qualification mode of study (1=Full-time, 2=Part-time) XQMODE01 1
QualificationsAwarded.QUAL Qualification awarded QUAL1 3
QualificationsAwarded.QUAL Qualification awarded 1 QUAL2 3
XOBTND01 DLHE Highest qualification obtained. The highest entry where more than one occurrence is returned of QualificationsAwarded.QUAL XOBTND01 3
XQLEV301 Level of qualification obtained (1=PG, 2=UG) XQLEV301 1
HOMEEU Home/ Other EU flag (1=Home, 2=Other EU) HOMEEU 1
Course.TTCID Teacher training course TTCID 1
Instance.RCSTDNT Research Council student RCSTDNT 2
Instance.NUMHUS Student Instance identifier NUMHUS 20
Instance.OWNINST Institution's own instance identifier OWNINST 30

1If only one qualification exists the second qualification field will be blank

Download: XML Schema for DLHE target population (POPDLHE) file. Sample XML for DLHE target population (POPDLHE) file.

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