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HESA Aggregate record for students studying wholly outside the UK 2010/11

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HESA Aggregate offshore record 2010/11

Revision history

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This table lists changes and additions to the record specification and supporting documentation.

Date Documentation
Element Element
2011-08-05 1.3 Nil return sign-off slip (PDF) First publication
2011-08-05 1.3 Coverage 1.1 Updated guidance in line with the Student record, emphasising that the threshold for inclusion in the student record is eight consecutive course weeks
2011-08-05 1.3 Check documentation 1.1 Minor updates to the Check documentation front sheet with allocated numbers for four new exception rules
2011-06-30 1.2 Check documentation 1.0 Web version of check documentation and guide published
2011-06-30 1.2 Fixed database facility 1.0 First issue of this document
2011-04-28 1.1 Provision.LEVEL 1.1 Updated notes for QAA level descriptors
2011-04-28 1.1 Timescales for data collection 1.0 First release of Timescales for data collection
2011-04-28 1.1 COMMIT-stage validation 1.0 First release of COMMIT-stage validation rules. New rules added for Provision.TYPE and Provision.COUNTRY
2011-04-28 1.1 Coverage of the record 1.1 Added guidance under 'General definition' for students studying credits at different levels and for excluding students who are dormant for the entire reporting year from the return.
2011-04-28 1.1 Validation overview 1.1 Updated guidance on UTF-8 encoding for XML files and first release of 2010/11 validation kit
2010-02-15 1.0 First release of documentation for 2010/11

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