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Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education record 2011/12

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Data supply

Version 1.1 Produced 2013-06-06

The data supply table is supplied in CVS and XML formats. The table contains the majority of DLHE fields.

The tables contain the following types of field:

  • Cyy051.INSTANCEKEY and Student.DLHESTUKEY are unique keys within the database used to link records across tables.
  • Base fields from the C11018 submission prefixed with the appropriate entity; Student, Employment, Study or Teaching.
  • The DLHE data supply requires fields from the corresponding Student record to enable recreation of checkdoc figures. Where a field is from Student it will be prefixed with Cyy051.
  • Derived fields, prefixed with an X, are standard ways of grouping data. View details of the derived field specifications.

Core table

Field name Description Element name in XML output Field length
Cyy051.INSTANCEKEY Unique key for every student instance INSTANCEKEY 13
Student.DLHESTUKEY Unique key for every DLHE instance DLHESTUKEY 13
Institution.RECID HESA record type indicator RECID 5
Institution.UKPRN UK Provider Reference Number UKPRN 8
Student.HUSID HESA unique student identifier HUSID 13
Cyy051.Student.OWNSTU Institution's own identifier for student OWNSTU 20
Cyy051.Instance.NUMHUS Student instance identifier NUMHUS 20
Cyy051.Instance.OWNINST Institution's own instance identifier OWNINST 30
Cyy051.Course.COURSEID Course identifier COURSEID 30
Cyy051.XQMODE01 Qualification obtained mode of study XQMODE01 1
Cyy051.Instance.MODE Mode of study MODE 2
Cyy051.XDLEV301 Level of qualification in DLHE - three way split XDLEV301 1
Cyy051.XDLEV501 Level of qualification in DLHE - five way split XDLEV501 1
Cyy051.Instance.RCSTDNT Research Council student RCSTDNT 2
Cyy051.Instance.ENDDATE End date of instance ENDDATE 10
Cyy051.Course.TTCID Teacher training course TTCID 1
XPDLHE02 DLHE population for expanded coverage XPDLHE02 1
Student.STATUS Method of the response STATUS 2
XACTIV02 Employment activity XACTIV02 2
Student.ALLACT1 All activities - one ALLACT 1
Student.ALLACT2 All activities - two ALLACT 1
Student.ALLACT3 All activities - three ALLACT 1
Student.ALLACT4 All activities - four ALLACT 1
Student.ALLACT5 All activities - five ALLACT 1
Student.ALLACT6 All activities - six ALLACT 1
Student.ALLACT7 All activities - seven ALLACT 1
Student.ALLACT8 All activities - eight ALLACT 1
Student.APRJAN April or January survey APRJAN 1
Student.HEBUSNEXP Higher Education experience for business HEBUSNEXP 1
Student.HESTUDYEXP Higher Education experience for study HESTUDYEXP 1
Student.HEWORKEXP Higher Education experience for work HEWORKEXP 1
Student.MIMPACT Most important activity MIMPACT 1
Employment.EMPBASIS Employment basis EMPBASIS 2
Employment.EMPCOUNTRY Country of employment EMPCOUNTRY 2
Employment.EMPIMP Importance to employer EMPIMP 1
Employment.EMPNAME Employer name EMPNAME 60
Employment.EMPPCODE UK Postcode for place of employment EMPPCODE 8
Employment.EMPPLACE Place of employment EMPPLACE 200
Employment.EMPUNPAID Unpaid Work EMPUNPAID 1
Employment.ESTEARN Total estimated earnings for a year ESTEARN 7
Employment.JOBDUTIES Job duties JOBDUTIES 200
Employment.JOBFOUND How found job JOBFOUND 2
Employment.JOBRSNALL1 All reasons for taking the job - one JOBRSNALL 2
Employment.JOBRSNALL2 All reasons for taking the job - two JOBRSNALL 2
Employment.JOBRSNALL3 All reasons for taking the job - three JOBRSNALL 2
Employment.JOBRSNALL4 All reasons for taking the job - four JOBRSNALL 2
Employment.JOBRSNALL5 All reasons for taking the job - five JOBRSNALL 2
Employment.JOBRSNALL6 All reasons for taking the job - six JOBRSNALL 2
Employment.JOBRSNALL7 All reasons for taking the job - seven JOBRSNALL 2
Employment.JOBRSNALL8 All reasons for taking the job - eight JOBRSNALL 2
Employment.JOBRSNALL9 All reasons for taking the job - nine JOBRSNALL 2
Employment.JOBRSNMAIN Main reason for taking the job JOBRSNMAIN 2
Employment.JOBSNO Number of jobs JOBSNO 1
Employment.JOBTITLE Job title JOBTITLE 60
Employment.MAKEDO Nature of employer's business MAKEDO 60
Employment.POSTDOC Postdoctoral research contract POSTDOC 1
Employment.PREVEMP Previously employed PREVEMP 1
Employment.PREVWORK1 Category of previous employment - one PREVWORK 2
Employment.PREVWORK2 Category of previous employment - two PREVWORK 2
Employment.PREVWORK3 Category of previous employment - three PREVWORK 2
Employment.PREVWORK4 Category of previous employment - four PREVWORK 2
Employment.PREVWORK5 Category of previous employment - five PREVWORK 2
Employment.PREVWORK6 Category of previous employment - six PREVWORK 2
Employment.PREVWORK7 Category of previous employment - seven PREVWORK 2
Employment.PTHOURS Part-time hours per week PTHOURS 5
Employment.QUALREQ Qualification required for job QUALREQ 2
Employment.SALARY Salary SALARY 7
Employment.SOCDLHE2010 Standard Occupational Classification 2010 SOCDLHE2010 5
Study.COURSENO Number of courses COURSENO 1
Study.JACS JACS 3.0 subject of study JACS 4
Study.STUDYFUND How funding further study STUDYFUND 2
Study.SUBJECT Subject of study, training, or research SUBJECT 200
Study.TYPEQUAL Type of qualification TYPEQUAL 2
Study.UCNAME Name of university or college UCNAME 50
Study.UCPROV University or college providing study UCPROV 1
Teaching.EMPLDTEACH Employed as teacher EMPLDTEACH 1
Teaching.GTCSTIS GTC Scotland Teacher Induction scheme GTCSTIS 1
Teaching.SEEKTEACH Seeking a teaching post SEEKTEACH 1
Teaching.TEACHFUND Teaching funded TEACHFUND 1
Teaching.TEACHPHS Teaching phase TEACHPHS 1
XEARND01 Total annual earnings XEARND01 7
XINSTID01 HESA institution identifier XINSTID01 4
XLOCGR01 Location of employment (region) XLOCGR01 4
XLOCN01 Location of employment (basic level) XLOCN01 1
XLOCUC01 Location of employment (country/unitary authority level) XLOCUC01 4
XSOCD02 Standard Occupational Classification 2010 major grouping XSOCD02 1
XSOCD302 Standard Occupational Classification 2010 minor grouping XSOCD302 3
Cyy051.XAGRPJ01 Age grouping at 31 July in reporting year XAGRPJ01 1
Cyy051.XDOM01 Domicile in Cyy051 coding frame (processing) XDOM01 2
Cyy051.XDOMGR01 Region of student domicile XDOMGR01 4
Cyy051.XDOMHM01 Domicile (participation by nation) XDOMHM01 1
Cyy051.XJACSLEV201_1 Analytical protocol JACS - level two XJACSLEV201_1 2
Cyy051.XJACSLEV201_21 Analytical protocol JACS - level two XJACSLEV201_2 2
Cyy051.XJACSLEV201_31 Analytical protocol JACS - level two XJACSLEV201_3 2
Cyy051.XLEV501 Analytical protocol JACS - level two XLEV501 1
Cyy051.XOBTND01 DLHE highest qualification obtained XOBTND01 3

Download: XML Schema for Core table file. Sample XML for Core table file.

Note that the Cyy051.XJACSLEV201 derived field is from the Cyy051_SJ table. There will always be at least one entry per instance in the SJ table, but there can be up to three. Hence, the three occurrences of the field in this file.

1 These fields will only be populated where the course subject links to multiple JACS level subjects.

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