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Initial Teacher Training In-Year Record 2011/12 - Teacher Reference Number

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Initial Teacher Training In-Year Record 2011/12

Fields required from institutions in England

Teacher Reference Number

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Short nameTREFNO

This field holds the reference number allocated to each student prior to course completion for the training of teachers.

Applicable toEngland

Optional - if available


This field is identical to the Instance.TREFNO field in the Student record.

This number will stay with the teacher throughout their career within the teaching profession.

For institutions in England the reference number required is the Teacher Reference Number (formerly known as a DfES number). The number is allocated by the GTCE when details of a trainee are entered onto their system and the trainee’s record created. The number allocated is a seven digit number. Some trainees may have previously been issued with a number, in these cases you are required to submit the TRN.

From 2010/11 the Teacher Reference Numbers (TRNs) will be fed back to institutions from the GTCE through the HESA data collection system. HESA will receive a copy of the TRN (TREFNO) from the GTCE following provisional registration and institutions will be able to download these from Aardvark and incorporate them into local systems. Record contacts will be notified by email with the TRNs are available and will be able to access the file through the Aardvark system in the 'What can I do now?' section. TRNs will be automatically incorporated into the ITT record.

Students will now use their TRN number to access the skills test WWW site and as such it is the TRN number that will be returned in the Student.SKILLTEST field.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this field are displayed here.
Reason required

To link with teaching career information; used by the TDA.

Part of
Field length9
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: TREFNO
Based on07051.Instance.TREFNO 1.1
OwnerThe Teaching Councils

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