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HESA Staff record 2012/13

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Satisfying the muster for 2011/12 leavers

Version 1.1 Produced 2013-06-28

Staff returned without leaving details in 2011/12 must be returned in the Staff record for 2012/13. The Staff Muster will check that this is the case for all staff holding contracts in SOC groups 1-3 that are not atypical.

The Muster criteria is as follows:

Where a non-atypical SOC 1-3 staff member left in the 2011/12 reporting period but was not closed off on the C11025 Staff record data submission this staff member will now be included in the 2012/13 Staff Muster list. It is therefore required that a record is returned for this staff member in the C12025 Staff record data submission in order to satisfy the muster and close this record. If HEI's do not hold information for any of the new mandatory fields they should return the default codes accordingly.

To satisfy the muster the 2011/12 record should be resent in 2012/13 with amendments made to the following fields:

Downloading the Staff Muster file

Muster The Staff Muster list can be downloaded from the data collection system following a successful commit transaction. Institutions should ensure that they download a copy of this file once their data has been set to credible.

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