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Estates Management record 2012/13 - Fuel used in HEI owned vehiclesFuelUsedInHEIOwnedVehicles

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Estates Management record 2012/13

Fields required from institutions in Northern Ireland

Fuel used in HEI owned vehicles

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Short nameFuelUsedInHEIOwnedVehicles

The fields in this entity contain data about the fuel used in HEI-owned vehicles.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All higher education institutions (HEIs).


This is fuel in litres used in vehicles owned or leased by the HEI.

This is likely to relate to vehicles used, for example, by HEI facilities management services, a university bus service or a HEI vehicle provided to the vice-chancellor or principal. Vehicles should be interpreted in the widest sense and include for example tractors, ride on lawn-mowers, ships, planes, and racing cars.

This should not include fuel used in hire cars, hired buses or private vehicles even if the cost is re-claimed from the HEI; nor fuel used for commuting or student travel in private vehicles. See Scope 3 carbon emissions from business travel for guidance on identifying scope 1 and scope 3 emissions from transport. To avoid double counting, electric vehicles should not be included here as the electricity used for charging these vehicles will be included under Energy consumption.

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