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HESA Student Record 2012/13 - Learning delivery funding and monitoring code

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HESA Student Record 2012/13

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Learning delivery funding and monitoring code

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This field identifies the funding or monitoring attribute being recorded.

Applicable toEngland

All LearningDeliveryFAM records that are returned.


The following table shows the valid codes for LearningDeliveryFAM.LEARNDELFAMCODE depending on the codes in LearningDeliveryFAM.LEARNDELFAMTYPE. The use of unassigned codes is only to be authorised by the information authority, and should not be used by providers unless such authorisation has been published.

For additional guidance on this field please refer to the LearningDeliveryFAM entity notes.

SOF 105 Skills Funding Agency
SOF 107 Education Funding Agency (EFA)
SOF 104 Further education college / other further education institution
SOF 108 Local authority (ASL funds)
SOF 109 Local authority (Other - not ASL funds)
SOF 15 Private Training Organisation
SOF 1 Supported by HEFCE Funding
SOF 2 Eligible For HEFCE Funding But Funding Not Being Claimed
SOF 7 Research Council
SOF 9 Department Of Health / Regional Health Authority / NHS / Social Care
SOF 10 Other HM Government Departments And Public Bodies Including EC
SOF 11 Overseas Learner Award From HM Government/ British Council
SOF 12 Overseas Funding
SOF 13 UK Industry And Commerce
SOF 14 Multinational Organisation (Non UK Based)
SOF 16 Voluntary Organisation
SOF 17 European Research Action Scheme For The Mobility Of University Students (ERASMUS)
SOF 20 Other European Sources, e.g.. the Lifelong Learning Programme including Leonardo, Comenius, Grundtvig, Transversal (including languages and ICT)
SOF 25 Teacher Traning Agency
SOF 101 New Deal For Young People (Aged 18 to 24)
SOF 102 New Deal For Long Term Unemployed (Aged 25+)
SOF 998 Other - Further Details May Be Requested
SOF 110-120 Unassigned
European Social Fund for 2007/13 programme (not co-financed by the Skills Funding Agency)
SOF 590 Priority 1 - Extending employment opportunities
SOF 591 Priority 2 - Developing a skilled and adaptable workforce
SOF 592 Priority 4 - Tackling barriers to employment
SOF 593 Priority 5 - Improving the skills of the local workforce
SOF 594 Community grants
FFI 1 Fully funded learning aim
FFI 2 Co funded learning aim
ALN 1 Additional Learning Needs
ASN 1 Additional Social Needs
ASL 1 Personal and community development learning (PCDL)
ASL 2 Neighbour learning in deprived communities (NLDC)
ASL 3 Family literacy language and numeracy (FLLN)
ASL 4 Wider family learning (WFL)
FSI 1 Formal First Step
RET 1 Learning aim re-take – qualification previously taken at this provider and not achieved
RET 2 Learning aim re-take – to improve the grade for a qualification previously achieved at this provider
NSA 1 Fashion Retail
NSA 2 Manufacturing
NSA 3 Financial Services
NSA 4 Construction
NSA 5 Food and Drink Manufacturing
NSA 6 Nuclear
NSA 7 Process Industries
NSA 8 Creative and Cultural
NSA 9 Hospitality
NSA 10 Sport and Active Leisure
NSA 11 Retail
NSA 12 Materials, Production and Supply
NSA 13 National Enterprise Academy
NSA 14 Social Care
NSA 15 Information Technology
NSA 16 Power
NSA 17 Rail Engineering
NSA 18 Environmental Technologies
NSA 19 Logistics
NSA 20-30 Unassigned
EEF 1 Eligible for enhanced funding for 19+ Apprenticeships
EEF 2 Entitlement to 16 – 18 employer responsive funding, where the learner is 19 or over
EEF 3 Entitlement to 19-24 employer responsive funding, where the learner is 25 or over
LDM 001-400 Learning Delivery Monitoring codes

Please refer to the list of LDM codes for 2012/13 in the Learning Delivery Monitoring Codes document available on the information authority website

SPP SP001-SP299 Special projects and pilots
Please refer to the list of SPP codes for 2012/13 in the Learning Delivery Monitoring Codes document available on the information authority
RES 1 Learning aim restarted
Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this field are displayed here.
Reason required

To identify additional funding and/or funding characteristics of the learning delivery.

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Field length5
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
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OwnerThe Data Service
Date modified2012-09-27
Change management notesCoverage statement and guidance revised to align more closely with the Individual Learner Record (ILR).

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