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HESA Student Record 2012/13 - New entrant to higher education

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HESA Student Record 2012/13

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New entrant to higher education

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valid entries
Short nameNEWENT

This field indicates if a student has previously studied at HE level in the UK for six months or more.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales


Valid entries and labels
AThis student has had prior HE experience in the UK lasting six months or more
BThis student has not had prior HE experience in the UK lasting six months or more
CIt is not known whether this student has had prior HE experience in the UK lasting six months or more

Institutions are advised that completion of this field is optional from 2010/11. Should data be returned in this field, the following guidance must be followed:

Institutions should request new entrant to HE information directly from students during the enrolment/registration process, and not infer it from information in the QualificationsOnEntry entity fields.

Institutions should ask students a direct question along the lines of: 'Have you ever started a higher education course (i.e. above A level or equivalent) in the UK before, and if so did you attend this course for 6 months or more?' Institutions should ensure that the question stresses that this question refers to activity undertaken in HE prior to the commencement of their current instance of study to prevent the field being erroneously updated by continuing students when they update registration details in subsequent years.

The outcome of any previous HE study is not relevant to this particular field. This field was very important to BIS because it was used to identify "initial entrants" and it helped to inform the monitoring of progress towards the Government's HE participation targets.

What is important is whether or not the student is new to HE level courses, not whether the student is new to the HE institution sector. For example, a student who has already taken an HNC or HND at a UK FE college is not a new entrant to HE. HE, for the purposes of this field, is defined as those programmes of study for which the level of instruction is above that of courses leading to GCE 'A' levels, SCE 'Highers' and the Certificate of Sixth Year Studies, ONC and OND.

Code A includes all students who have previously studied a course at HE level for a minimum of six months either at the reporting institution or at another UK institution.

Code A should be used for all students who have previously studied at higher education level for a minimum of six months, at a UK institution, whether or not the course resulted in success.

A student who started an HE course but subsequently left within six months should be coded B.

Overseas students who have previously studied at HE level but not in the UK should be coded B.

Where a student transfers from one course to another, this field should NOT be updated where the same Instance.NUMHUS is kept.

Code C should not be used as a standard default but only in cases where the information has been sought but is still unknown.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this field are displayed here.
Reason required

Originally required to analyse patterns of entry into HE, including the Higher Education Initial Participation Rate (HEIPR) calculation made by BIS

Part of
Field length1
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: NEWENT

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