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KIS record 2012/13

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KIS record 2012/13

Updating the KIS

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Version 1.2 Produced 2012-09-13

After 29 March, data can be submitted as many times as needed, but must be finalised by 22 August. Each subsequent submission will overwrite all previous submissions.

After the submission deadline of 22 August, until the site's go-live (27 September), there can be no changes made to data. Following publication in September 2012, the KIS collection system will re-open to allow institutions to resubmit with updates provided they have been signed off each time. The system will allow updates at any time and it is anticipated that the KIS web-site will be updated on a weekly basis incorporating all signed-off changes. There is no guarantee however that external commercial users of the KIS dataset will acquire an updated dataset every week and so old data may persist on external websites.

Data in the KIS may change throughout the reporting period. For example it is expected that fees may not be confirmed when the KIS goes live and that URLs may be updated throughout the year. Where fee and support information is derived from UCAS these updates will occur automatically at regular intervals. Therefore, where UCAS is the source of fee and student support information institutions only need to update these with UCAS. For other updates to the KIS, institutions will need to resubmit a complete XML file containing the full KIS data submission incorporating all amendments.

Contact Liaison by email or on +44 (0)1242 388 531.