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Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education record 2013/14

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SIC data supply

Version 1.1 Produced 2015-03-19

The Data supply - SIC table is supplied in CVS and XML formats.

The tables contain the following types of field:

  • Cyy051.InstanceKEY which is a unique key within the database used to link records across tables.
  • Base fields from the C13018 submission prefixed with the appropriate entity; Student or Employment.
  • Where a field is from the Student record it will be prefixed with Cyy051.
  • Derived fields, prefixed with an X, are standard ways of grouping data. View details of the derived field specifications.
  • Third party supplied fields are denoted by the prefix 'Z'.

Jump directly to the valid entries and labels of third party supplied fields:

File structure of the report

Field name Description Element name in XML output Field length
Student.HUSID HESA unique student identifier HUSID 13
Cyy051.Instance.NUMHUS Student instance identifier NUMHUS 20
Student.APRJAN April or January survey APRJAN 1
Cyy051.INSTANCEKEY Unique key for every student instance INSTANCEKEY 13
Cyy051.Student.OWNSTU Institution's own identifier for student OWNSTU 20
Cyy051.Instance.OWNINST Institution's own instance identifier OWNINST 30
XPDLHE02 DLHE population for expanded coverage XPDLHE02 1
Employment.EMPCOUNTRY Country of employment EMPCOUNTRY 2
Employment.EMPPLACE Place of employment EMPPLACE 200
Employment.EMPPCODE UK Postcode for place of employment EMPPCODE 8
Employment.EMPNAME Employer name EMPNAME 60
Employment.MAKEDO Nature of employer's business MAKEDO 60
ZORGTYPE Organisation type ZORGTYPE 2
ZNOEMPBAND Number of employees banding ZNOEMPBAND 2
XSICD02 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC 2007) grouping XSICD02 1
XSIC202 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC 2007) code (first two characters) XSIC202 2
ZSIC2007 Oblong supplied Standard Industrial Classification (SIC 2007) code ZSIC2007 5
SIC2007 Code Label Description of supplied Standard Industrial Classification (SIC 2007) code ZSIC2007_DESCRIPTION 150

Download: XML Schema for the SIC table file.

Download: Excel field names for the SIC table for use in creating pivot tables.

Third party supplied fields - valid entries and labels

ZORGTYPE valid entries and labels

01 Public sector organisation
02 Private sector organisation

ZCHARFLAG valid entries and labels

01 Charity
02 Non-charity

ZNOEMPBAND valid entries and labels

1 1 to 9
2 10 to 49
3 50 to 99
4 100 to 249
5 250 to 499
6 500 to 999
7 Over 1000

SIC2007 valid entries and labels

The SIC 2007 valid entries and labels are based on the UK Standard Industrial Classification 2007 (UK SIC 2007) four digit class and five digit subclass levels as identified in the Office for National Statistics (ONS) UK Standard Industrial Classification 2007 web page 'Main volume' (PDF).

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