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Staff Record 2013/14 - Previous employment

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Staff Record 2013/14

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Previous employment

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Short namePREVEMP

This field records the nature of employment of staff before entering employment with the reporting higher education institution (HEI)

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All staff where any (Activity.ACTSOC is in SOC2010 Major Groups 1, 2 or 3 and Contract.TERMS is coded 1 or 2).

Valid entries and labels
01Another HEI in UK
02HEI in an overseas country
03Other education institution in UK
04Other education institution in an overseas country
05Research institution in the UK
06Research institution overseas
07Student in UK
08Student in an overseas country
09NHS/General medical or General dental practice in UK
10Health service in an overseas country
11Other public sector in UK
12Private industry/commerce in UK
13Self-employed in UK
14Other employment in UK
15Other employment in an overseas country
16Working in a research institute (private) in the UK
17Working in a research institute (private) in an overseas country
18Working in a research institute (public) in the UK
19Working in a research institute (public) in an overseas country
20Working in the voluntary sector
21Not in regular employment
99Not known

Where it appears that two codes are equally applicable, the nearest code to 01 'Another HEI in UK' should be used.

The previous employment should indicate the nature of employment for staff before the date returned in Person.DATEFHEI.

It is expected that once the member of staff has entered employment with the HEI the code returned in this field will remain the same until they leave the HEI.

Where a break in continuous service occurs and an individual has not been employed elsewhere during the break, code 21 'Not in regular employment' must be returned in this field and the code for the current institution returned in Person.PREVHEI.

Code 05 'Research institution in the UK' and code 06 'Research institution overseas' can only be used where Person.DATEFHEI is before 2012-08-01.

Code 09 'NHS/General medical or General dental practice in UK' should be used where the nature of employment is or was within the NHS, in the broadest sense. This should include employment in an NHS body such as a Trust or Primary Care Trust and should also include employment in General medical or General dental practice. Even where other codes apply (for example General practitioners who consider themselves self-employed), this code should be used.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this field are displayed here.
Reason required

To enable information to be provided about movement between higher education and other employment sectors, and the migration of higher education staff to the UK

Part of
Field length2
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: PREVEMP

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