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Estates management record 2013/14

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Estates management record introduction

Version 1.0 Produced 2014-08-15


The Estates management record is a data collection initiative which began within the sector through the Association of University Estates Directors (AUDE) and was jointly-funded by the UK funding councils. Collection of the data moved to HESA in 2009/10. The record was established to provide the Higher Education sector with standardised, reliable and useful property information to help managers understand current performance, promote sharing of best practice and drive improvements.

Record specific detail

HESA collect data relating to a reporting period of 01 August Y1 to 31 July Y2. Data should be returned on this basis (position at 31 July of the reporting period), unless otherwise specified.

Data collected

Return of most of the data is optional for higher education providers (HEPs), although in practice the majority of HEPs have provided data in each year of collection. A number of Mandatory data items for higher education providers (HEPs) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland must be returned. The entire collection is optional for HEPs in Scotland, although these HEPs are encouraged to contribute to and make use of the information. HEPs in Scotland who choose to make an Estates management record return will need to complete Residential space total (SRESPT).

Data collection

All HESA records are collected on the basis of the HESA reporting period that determines the time period that the data being returned relates to. This ensures consistency across the data streams collected. The reporting period is from 01 August year 1 to 31 July year 2, for example the 2011/2012 Estates record was collected in respect of the activity which has taken place between 01 August 2011 and 31 July 2012.

Data for the Estates record is collected retrospectively, thereby reporting in August of one year on activity which has taken place between August of the previous year and July of the current year. The HESA data collection system opens mid-January every year and the return date is always 28th February. HEPs are required to have sent full and verified data to HESA by the deadline for last submission. There are several deadlines which HEPs must achieve as part of the collection process. It is important that HEPs work to these deadlines in order to complete the return on time and to ensure that the quality of the data submitted is fit for purpose.

Need help?

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