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Estates Management record 2013/14 - Internally-incurred property management costs - D35InternallyIncurredPropertyManagementCosts

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Estates Management record 2013/14

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Internally-incurred property management costs - D35

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Short nameInternallyIncurredPropertyManagementCosts

The fields in this entity contain data about Internally-incurred property management costs.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All higher education providers (HEPs).


Internally-incurred costs associated with all property management activities excluding any commercial space. This should include:

  • Internally-incurred estate management costs: This category should include all costs (both 'high level' and other appropriate staff and associated costs for this activity) associated with estates strategy and planning, all landlord and tenant matters, acquisition and sales, rating, buildings insurance, energy, water and sewerage, and landscaping, repair and maintenance and internal moves.

In the case of estates strategy and planning, landlord and tenant matters, purchases and sales, rating and buildings insurance, these costs are likely to cover all staff. For energy, water and sewerage, landscaping, repair and maintenance, including major revenue projects and internal moves, costs are for 'high level' staff and associated costs. This should include all staff not responsible for supervising or undertaking these activities directly.

Include legal costs of estate management work.

  • Internally-incurred facilities management costs: This category should include all staff and associated costs that support the occupancy of the estate, other than the operational facilities costs. This will include the costs of management and administration (not supervision) of cleaning, security and porterage, reception services, post room and internal distribution services and help-desk management. (Note: this definition excludes other activities that may be classed as facilities management, such as telephone costs. These operational and management costs should therefore be excluded from this return).

Include legal costs of facilities management work.

  • Internally-incurred project management costs: This category should include all the staff and associated costs required to plan for and justify capital and revenue projects (including capital bids) and designing and/or project managing the work. (This combination of costs should therefore cover all staff associated with this activity).

Construction costs should not be included here.

Include legal costs of project management work. Note: the combination of management costs and operational costs (see security costs, porterage costs, central post room and internal central post room and internal distribution services costs etc.) should capture all relevant property management costs for the relevant category of activity. Thus, the costs of managing the activities listed under the 'estate management' heading need to be captured, along with the costs of the activities themselves. Apart from facilities management, therefore, coverage of costs should be comprehensive.

Include the following costs for each category of management:

  • staff costs (salary, national insurance, pension contributions, and the value of other perquisites as presented to Inland Revenue). Include the staffing costs of those outside the estates department (but within the HEP) who do work of this kind,
  • direct office running costs associated with relevant management functions (support staff, such as departmental secretaries, equipment, expenses, communications and consumables).

Interpretation guidance

The emphasis of Internally-incurred property management costs is to capture 'high level' internal property management costs. However, this is not appropriate for all categories of property management as it would result in certain costs not being captured. This guidance therefore sets out to make clear what staff costs should be captured in each category of 'management', as well as commenting on how they relate to operational costs.

As a general guide, the staff costs captured in Internally-incurred property management costs should relate through to the staff numbers captured under Property management staffing.

Below are a series of categories of 'management'. They are intended solely as a guide to the type of person/activity that might fall within these levels of management, and hence how they should be treated in terms of Internally-incurred property management costs. However, it will remain a matter of judgement by the HEP how to assign people to the various categories and so these notes should be treated as aiding that process rather than being prescriptive.

High level management

High level management is taken to include those staff charged with developing policy and/or strategic operational activities, and/or major staff management responsibilities. This is likely to include the Director of Estates/Facilities, Assistant Directors, Senior Specialists. This list is not exhaustive. This is the category of staff that are likely to form the sole or main input to the staff cost definition Internally-incurred property management costs, unless otherwise stated. Other staff costs should, as appropriate, be allocated elsewhere in the operational cost definitions, or Externally-provided property management costs.

Middle management

Middle management is taken to include staff with a responsibility for the implementation of policy and/or management of operations. There may, in addition, be functional staff management responsibilities, such as being responsible for a particular team or activity area. This is likely to include architects, engineers, surveyors, planners and administrative officers. Such staff would normally be included within the appropriate operational cost definition.

Thus, an mechanical and electrical engineer responsible for the minor works programme would be likely to have costs allocated under Repairs and maintenance costs.

The exceptions to this may be those staff who have a sole or proportionate engagement in estate strategy, landlord and tenant or similar activities. Unless these activities can be assigned to another operational cost definition, such as Repairs and maintenance costs then they will need to be captured under the appropriate staff management cost definition. For strategy and landlord and tenant work this would be Internally-incurred Estate management costs.

Direct management/supervisors

Direct managers and/or supervisors are taken to be those staff which have day-to-day management of appropriate operational staff. These staff costs should be returned under the appropriate operational costs heading.

Administrative support

Administrative staff includes secretaries, clerical staff, technical staff, administrators etc. They are responsible for supporting the activities of the estate and facilities staff, be they managers or operational staff. They should be apportioned across estate management, facilities management, project management and operational costs, as far as considered appropriate.

Operational staff

Operational staff includes carpenters, electricians and building and maintenance personnel. This list is not exhaustive. This category of staff would normally be captured under the appropriate operational definition. As an example, cleaning staff costs (excluding managers and supervisors) would be captured under this definition.

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