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HESA Student Record 2013/14 - Guided learning hours

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HESA Student Record 2013/14

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Guided learning hours

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Short nameGLHRS

The actual number of guided learning hours for the whole qualification aim to the nearest whole hour

Applicable toWales

All instances at institutions in Wales where Instance.FESTUMK = 1, 3 or 4 and where Instance.REDUCEDI = 00 or 01


Guided learning hours are defined as all times when a member of staff is present to give specific guidance towards the qualification aim being studied. This includes lectures, tutorials and supervised study in, for example, libraries, open learning centres and learning workshops. It also includes time spent by staff assessing students' achievements, for example in the assessment of competence for NVQs. It does not include hours where supervision or assistance is of a general nature and is not specific to the study of the students.

The length of this field is 5 characters, however the move to XML enables data to be returned with or without leading zeros, e.g. 00005 or 5

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Reason required

To determine use of guided learning hours.

Part of
Field length5
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: GLHRS
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Date modified2014-04-29
Change management notesBusiness rule 1, 2 and 3 updated as this field can now only be returned by institutions in Wales.

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