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HESA Student Record 2013/14 - Learner funding and monitoring code

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HESA Student Record 2013/14

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Learner funding and monitoring code

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This field identifies the funding or monitoring code being recorded

Applicable toEngland

All LearnerFAM records that are returned.


For additional guidance on this field please refer to the LearnerFAM entity notes.

The following table shows the valid codes for LearnerFAM.LEARNFAMCODE depending on the codes in LearnerFAM.LEARNFAMTYPE. The use of unassigned codes is only to be authorised by the Information Authority, and should not be used by providers unless such authorisation has been published.

FAM Type FAM Code FAM Code Description
LDA 1 Learner has a Section 139A Learning Difficulty Assessment
ALS 1 Learner has been assessed as requiring learning support
LSR 36 Care to Learn (C2L)
LSR 55 16 - 19 Bursary Fund - learner is a member of a vulnerable group and has been awarded a full or pro-rata bursary
LSR 56 16 - 19 Bursary Fund - learner has been awarded a discretionary bursary
LSR 57 Residential support
LSR 58 19+ Hardship (Skills Funding Agency funded learners only)
LSR 59 20+ Childcare (Skills Funding Agency funded learners only)
LSR 60 Residential Access Fund (Skills Funding Agency funded learners only)
LSR 61-65 Unassigned
NLM 17 Learner migrated as part of provider merger
NLM 18 Learner moved as a result of Minimum Contract Level
NLM 19-25 Unassigned
EHC 1 Learner has an Education Health Care plan

Learning support (ALS) - codes 2 and 3, should be re-coded using ALS 1 if they require learning support in 2013/14. Refer to Appendix B for details of coding for continuing learners.

Please view the Individualised Learner Record (ILR) specification from The Information Authority for more details.

Quality rules
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Reason required

To identify additional funding and/or monitoring characteristics of the learner

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Field length3
Minimum occurrences1
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
OwnerInformation Management Services (including the Data Service and Learning Records Service)
Date modified2013-10-02
Change management notesGuidance added to Notes to align with the Individual Learner Record (ILR) specification version 4.

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