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Student record 2013/14

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Further information on the expansion of level 3 qualifications data for HEIs

Version 1.0 Produced 2014-04-29


Further to the introduction of the AAB+ equivalency policy for student number control in England, HEFCE introduced a requirement for the HESA Student record to capture enhanced level 3 qualifications data for all HEFCE-fundable entrants to full-time undergraduate courses. This was intended to enable HEFCE to carry out analysis of students included or excluded from the student number control population. UCAS agreed to provide members with additional data files to assist in meeting this requirement. The requirement was first communicated in Annex A - Changes to the student record for 2012/13.

Requirement for 2013/14

For 2013/14 and onwards, HEFCE no longer require institutions to submit these enhanced data, instead reverting to the previous requirement to submit data for UCAS entrants with tariff-bearing qualifications. Institutions are, however, strongly encouraged to provide all qualifications data available to them, including those outside of this requirement.

With the cessation of this requirement from HEFCE, UCAS will no longer be providing the additional data files.

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