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HESA Student Record 2013/14 - Fee eligibility

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HESA Student Record 2013/14

Fields required from institutions in Scotland

Fee eligibility

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valid entries
Short nameFEEELIG

This field is to distinguish those students who are eligible to pay home fees from those who are not, in cases where there are separate levels of fees for 'home' students and for others.

Applicable toEngland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

All instances where Instance.REDUCEDI = 00, 01 or 09

Valid entries and labels
1Eligible to pay home fees
2Not eligible to pay home fees
3Eligibility to pay home fees not assessed

Channel Islands and Isle of Man domiciled students should be coded as code 2 'Not eligible to pay home fees'.

Code 3 'Eligibility to pay home fees not assessed' may be used for all courses or programmes of study for which the concept of 'home fees' does not apply. Typical examples would be students on most FE level or full cost-recovery courses.

Code 3 'Eligibility to pay home fees not assessed' may be used for incoming exchange students.

The allocation of a student to a particular fee eligibility category should be consistent with the treatment in the HESES/Early Statistics return.

Quality rules
Quality rules relating to this field are displayed here.
Reason required

To allow financial calculations to take account of the fee difference between home/EU and overseas students and of other fee offsets.To resolve otherwise indeterminate home/overseas cases.Used to determine populations in funding calculations and anlyses.

Part of
Field length1
Minimum occurrences0
Maximum occurrences1
Schema components
Element: FEEELIG

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