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HESA Aggregate record for students studying wholly outside the UK 2013/14

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HESA Aggregate return for student studying wholly overseas 2013/14


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Version 1.0 Produced 2014-04-30


The HESA Aggregate offshore record has been collected since 2007/08 from subscribing higher education providers (HEPs) in the devolved administrations of the United Kingdom.

Record specific detail

The Aggregate offshore record is collected in respect of students studying (to date) wholly outside the UK who are either registered with the reporting provider or who are studying for an award of the reporting provider. This will include all students active at any point in the reporting period, including students becoming dormant part way through the year, and those withdrawing from courses. Students who are dormant for the entire reporting year should be excluded from the return. Full details of the coverage of the record can be found in the coverage statement on the coding manual.

Data collected

The Aggregate offshore record is collected as a headcount, rather than a collection of individualised data. Information is collected on the location, provision and numbers of students.  The detail of the different items collected can be found in the Data items document on the coding manual page.  

Data collection

All HESA records are collected on the basis of the HESA reporting period, which determines the period of time the data being returned relates to. This ensures consistency across the data streams collected. The reporting period is from 01 August in year 1 to 31 July in year 2. For example, the 2007/08 Aggregate offshore record is collected in respect of the activity which has taken place between 01 August 2007 and 31 July 2008.

Data for the Aggregate offshore record is collected retrospectively, therefore reporting in August on activity which has taken place between August of the previous year and July of the current year. The HESA data collection system opens at the beginning of August are required to have sent a full and verified set of data to HESA by the deadline for last submission in November. There are several deadlines which HEPs must achieve as part of the submission process and these are detailed in the Data collection schedule document on the coding manual. It is important that HEPs work to the deadlines set in order to complete the return on time and ensure that the data quality is fit for purpose.

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