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KIS record 2013/14

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KIS record 2013/14

File structure for UCAS fees report

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Version 1.3   Produced 2013-07-18

Where records exist, the report file can be downloaded from the main report page by selecting the relevant 'Download' link.

File Structure

The report is available as both as a csv file and a XML file containing the following fields:

Field Field description Element name in XML output Field length
CategoryMatch/no match to KIS data flag (1=match, 2=no match in UCAS data)CATEGORY1
UCASPROGIDThe UCAS Programme code for the courseUCASPROGID9
KISCourse.UCASCOURSEIDThe UCAS Course code for the courseUCASCOURSEID4
KISCourse.KISCOURSEIDThe unique identifier for the KIS courseKISCOURSEID30
UCASCourseIdentifierLegacy or current course code supplied by UCASUCASCourseIdentifier4
UCAS KISCOURSEIDThe identifier for the KIS course supplied by UCASUCASKISCOURSEID30
KisCourse.TEACHUKPRNTeaching institution UKPRNTEACHUKPRN8
Matching fieldMatch made to UCAS data using:
3 =Institution.UKPRN
FEETBCFees confirmationFEETBC1
ENGFEEMaximum fee for England domicileENGFEE5
SCOTFEEMaximum fee for Scotland domicileSCOTFEE5
WAFEEMaximum fee for Wales domicileWAFEE5
NIFEEMaximum fee for Northern Ireland domicileNIFEE5
WAIVERFee waiver availabilityWAIVER1
MEANSSUPMeans tested supportMEANSSUP1
OTHSUPNon-means tested supportOTHSUP1

Download: XML schema for the UCAS comparison file. Sample XML for the UCAS comparison file.

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